Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

31 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 helping clients achieve the financial settlement they deserve. David helps clients to mentally prepare for the trauma caused by divorce, if necessary, by referring them to a trusted counsellor before, during, or after the divorce. He can refer clients to trusted professionals who can provide support, including mortgage brokers, financial advisers, and solicitors. He will also prepare the client a divorce ‘route map’ with a clear direction going forward, as well as his unique ‘Solicitor-Friendly Pack’ which will ensure the first meeting with a solicitor is well-structured with ideas of how to approach the divorce and financial settlement. This will document the client’s personal and financial information and include a ‘shopping list’ of what the client would like to achieve from the divorce. The role of the solicitor then is to achieve this in a legally binding agreement. David has this year noticed an increase in clients due to the largest shake-up in divorce law in 50 years, which came into effect on 6th April 2022 – This is ‘no blame/no fault’ divorces becoming law, meaning individuals do not need to give a reason for wanting a divorce, and one party, or both parties can jointly apply for a divorce. As mentioned, this resulted in a sudden jump in the number of people applying for divorce, however this is now moving back towards normal levels. Now, David’s business is going from strength to strength as more people are becoming aware of how it can help them become better prepared to navigate their way through divorce. By seeing David before going to a solicitor, he can help significantly reduce costs and provide clearer focus. In order to get his message out there, David continues to work extensively around the region, attending business breakfasts and other networking events, from which he has David Kite was divorced in September 2020, during the process of which he made many of the mistakes that most people do. Since then, he has decided that there must be a better and less costly way to get divorced, so he set up DK Divorce Consultants in January 2021. With over 35 years’ experience in financial services, David now helps his clients to achieve the ‘Divorce they Deserve’. Join us as we learn more about David’s company, the common mistakes made during divorce and how he helps people avoid them. What are the common mistakes made during divorce? • Going to the solicitor too early • Not being mentally prepared for the trauma of divorce • Doing an online divorce without seeking professional help • Divorcing without achieving a ‘clean break’ financial settlement • Failing to consider financial life after divorce • Underestimating the value of pensions, especially final salary/defined benefits schemes • Allowing anger and other negative emotions to get in the way of successfully negotiating a favourable financial outcome • Paying unnecessarily high fees to solicitors How does DK Divorce Consultants go about helping people to avoid these mistakes so they can come out on the other side in a good position? Firstly, David will provide a free 30-minute consultation to assess the individual’s situation. This will be followed by work being charged at £75 per hour (no VAT), approximately a third of the hourly rate charged by a solicitor. Many of David’s clients choose to meet him via Zoom, but with him being based in Warwickshire, the Midlands transport network enables travel for those clients who prefer to have face-to-face meetings, whether at their home, David’s office, or neutral venues such as hotels or coffee shops. David believes that each client is individual and he tailors his approach to suit their needs, while offering a warm, caring and non-judgemental attitude, and working at a pace that is suited to their situation and circumstances. With a professional, caring and conscientious approach, David puts the time and effort into building the client’s confidence and forming a trusting relationship with them. He is also particularly skilled in personal finance which is essential in Best Divorce Support Service - West Midlands Jul22235 built up many connections on LinkedIn. This has created a reputation of integrity, trust, and professionalism, with most of his clients being referred to him by his expanding network of business professionals. So, what do David’s clients say? “Excellent service. Made the whole financial process much easier to understand, allowing me to consider all my options and make my own decision that suited me best to move forward.” “David is currently supporting me with preparing the paperwork for my divorce. He is professional, informative, and had a friendly and empathetic manner. I am certain his service would save anyone a significant amount of time in research and in solicitor’s fees, and I am happy to recommend his service.” Company: DK Divorce Consultants Contact: David Kite Email: david@dkdivorceconsultants.co.uk Website: www.dkdivorceconsultants.co.uk