Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

30 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 “I’ve grown up with two family members, my brother and my Dad who are dyslexic and I understand the daily challenges they have faced throughout their education and continue to face in their careers. “About 18 months ago I came to discover one of my clients had ADHD and because of my own lived experience it drove me to want to help them. I started to research, expand my knowledge and discover how as a business we could change the way we worked with him to support him better. “It wasn’t until I began working with neurodiverse clients and expanding my knowledge that I began to truly understand the impact that being neurodiverse can have on individual and business owner and how the skills we have as a business can positively impact their business and wellbeing.” This aligns with the company’s overriding ethos to create an environment where people love to work and get to work flexibly. That ethos is also responsible for the decision to allow its staff to work remotely and measures to maintain a positive work-life balance. Sasha believes As understanding of mental health and neurodivergence becomes more mainstream, it is essential that workplaces take steps to better accommodate and understand people from all walks of life. We were able to catch up with the head of The Executive Solutions Agency, Sasha Saville, for insight into how businesses can adapt to better accommodate neurodiverse individuals in a business environment. The Executive Solutions Agency was launched in March 2020 to provide outsourcing solutions for small businesses needing support in various administration, delivery, and marketing areas. Within four months, it began building its team as its workload was quickly expanding. The Executive Solutions Agency helps forwardthinking entrepreneurs grow their business with a sense of freedom – freedom from worrying about those challenging or overwhelming elements of its business – and release from feeling stressed due to lack of time. Because the agency offers virtual support, the pandemic significantly increased the demand for its virtual services, so it was busier than ever during various lockdowns. Many solo entrepreneurs started new businesses during the period and desperately needed resources to help with day-to-day activities. The Executive Solutions Agency enables busy business owners and CEOs to get some help from just five hours a week to full-time PA support, including assistance with order processing, inbox management, call taking and scheduling, and many other essential business management tasks. One of its key differentiators is that it works with many Neurodiverse entrepreneurs who may struggle with things like admin, organising their diaries, managing their inboxes, and other business tasks, which many of them put off or feel overwhelmed by. Its team is trained in neurodiversity support and has experience living and working with ADHD, Autistic, Dyslexic, and Dyspraxic professionals. When we asked Sasha Saville what inspired her to ensure her team was so well equipped in this field, she had the following to say, Best Neurodiverse Entrepreneurial Support Provider 2022 Jun22612 that if clients and employees are happy in their careers, they will do an excellent job for their clients and customers. Thus, she and her team has put together everything they can to foster an understanding of how to communicate with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. The business continues to grow, and its focus for the next 12 months is raising awareness of its work, particularly with neurodiverse entrepreneurs, as it’s an area in which it specialises and excels. Its laser focus on spreading awareness and doing right by both its employees and clients is why it comfortably holds the title of Best Neurodiverse Entrepreneurial Support Provider 2022, and more businesses should follow its incredible example. Contact: Sasha Saville Company: The Executive Solutions Agency Ltd Web Address: www.executivesolutionsagency.com Email: client@executivesolutionsagency.com Tel: 01299 407970