Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

29 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 to investigate each business supply chain and develops a plan of action to improve and strengthen it. UK-CSC has identified the common denominator of the above is a lack of in-depth knowledge of the multi-tier nature of supply chains. It noticed early signs of what it calls “supply chain myopia” with the 2010 Volcanic eruption in Iceland and realised how little businesses knew about where their products were being manufactured. It did not receive much recognition at the time, but the team’s awareness has allowed it to build knowledge and plans that have resulted in the project’s existence – and success – in the modern day. The UK-CSC hosts to a team of proactive and result-driven individuals with customer service and a passion for results at the heart of its team culture. The Project Director, Dr Aristides Matopoulos, is an expert in supply chain management and has worked with key companies in the UK and international. His Supply Chain Readiness Assessment Tool has been used by more than 75 companies the last 3 years providing a robust basis for identifying supply chain improvement opportunities. Together with the Project Manager, Ms Khadijeh Rahmani who leads on the communication, strategic implementation, and relationship management and the Business Engagement Managers who are equipped with the knowledge and rich network/connections in its perspective areas, the project has established a strong brand and reputation in both target areas, The Marches and Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough. Businesses in the UK and globally have never faced such a diverse range of challenges in such a short period – from Brexit in 2016, to COVID-19 in 2019, to the Ukraine war in 2022, coupled with tremendous inflation pressures, labour shortages, and material scarcity – the team behind UK- Centric Supply Chains (UK-CSC project) recognises that the past few years have put a heavy strain on the supply chain and have had an influx of dire consequences for businesses across multiple sectors. In such times, people must fully grasp where their businesses stand alongside what actions they need to take. The experts at the UK-Centric Supply Chains project don’t just impart expert knowledge, they help to create plans and strategies to improve a business’s supply chain situations. The UK-Centric Supply Chains is ideally positioned to help businesses in the UK by providing a set of widely tested and applied, non-biased Supply Chain Diagnostic tools to improve its client’s understanding of their supply chains. Partnering with UK-CSC grants businesses an in-depth view of the road map of their supply chain with ease. UK-CSC operates across the food and drinks, automotive, engineering, and manufacturing sectors and supports businesses to improve their operations, turnover, and development of viable supply chain risk mitigation strategies, with the view to growing/maximising the UK content and output. Its services are widely used, and it has already supported over 75 businesses to identify cost and risk reduction opportunities and support the company’s strategic planning – it focuses on helping companies based in The Marches and Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough areas. The UK-CSC project looks to better understand supply chains regarding geography, location, alongside relationships with suppliers and customers. For this aim, it is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the SME’s State Aid Allowance, and is accessible to SMEs. What differentiates this project is that the project team imparts knowledge and understanding of the multi-tiered nature of businesses, how it compares to the business’s capabilities and where everything comes from. The provided consultancy service is free for SMEs to take use. It provides a minimum of 12 hours of support Supply Chain Support Enterprise of the Year 2022 Jul22128 The project will run until at least 30 June 2023, and it also aims to further provide its expertise to SMEs and other clients for as long as possible. It is an invaluable service that many businesses should utilise whilst it is available, as only positives can come from the understanding and improvements that UK-CSC offers. Contact: Khadijeh Rahmani Company: UK-Centric Supply Chains Web Address: https://www.ukcentricsupplychains.co.uk/