Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

34 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 like across the board. They are polite, friendly, and approachable, and Subside Bar ensures that every member of bar staff has a full personal licence to show that they have been trained properly in accordance with licensing laws. The majority of the bar staff, along with all the management, have SIA badges and have been trained to the same level as security staff. As such, Subside Bar boasts an impressive staff retention rate, deviating from the norm of having transient team members. Subside Bar is known for being a safe place for everyone – no matter what they look like, what their style is, or what their abilities are. Everyone deserves to have a place where they can enjoy themselves. An added benefit is that it is easy on the wallet. Subside Bar has a number of deals Metal music and Birmingham are almost synonymous, with globally successful acts hailing from the vibrant city. At the heart of Birmingham’s alternative music scene is Subside Bar Ltd, a venue that celebrates the rich genre and its city ties. From great music to affordable drinks, Subside Bar is a haven for those who want to enjoy themselves in a place that defies convention. Music brings people together – it forges communities, uniting people under a shared love for a band, song, or genre. In 2023, for example, Statista predicts that global music industry revenue will exceed 65 billion U.S. dollars. However, there is a certain stigma that follows heavier genres of music, and in order to dispel this stereotype and create a safe environment for alternative music consumers, Subside Bar opened its doors. Since 2007, Subside Bar has been supporting rock, metal, and punk bands and fans alike through providing a space for them to celebrate the genres. Whilst most city venues avoid heavier genres, Subside Bar actively chooses to promote them, believing that there should be a place for alternative music to thrive. Simply, it is the place to be for anyone who likes their music to come with attitude! Located in Birmingham, Subside Bar benefits from the extensive music history that the city – and the county, West Midlands – has to offer. In essence, the city is the home of metal, spawning bands that have been named as pioneers of the genre and its subgenres, such as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Anaal Nathrakh, and more. Birmingham is also home to several renowned venues, and Subside Bar often benefits from this, picking up new and repeat business from gig goers. The bar’s owners, management, and staff are all fans of alternative music, and this passion is infused within each aspect of the business. Henceforth, they know what their customers want. The Subside Bar schedule combines Rock DJs with bands, Student Nights, and occasional special events like burlesque performances and theatre shows. Such events have been hugely successful as they feature elements that cater to recurring customers and a new audience. Moreover, the team’s expertise is a shining example of what hospitality services should be Best Rock Bar & Live Music Venue - Greater Birmingham Jun22430 available, such as the ‘Double Up For £1’ deal, where the customer can switch a single spirit to a double for just £1 extra. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic forced the Subside Bar to go through a period of immense instability and the risk of permanent closure, the bar is now doing better than ever before, with turnover surpassing pre-pandemic levels by some 2030%. Consequently, Subside Bar is actively hunting for a second venue, from where it will be able to reach its clientele on a broader scale. Contact: David Longmate Web Address: www.subsidebar.co.uk