Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

35 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 excellent customer service that appears to be absent from many industries presently. Above everything, Mini Media is focused on seeing businesses succeed. This includes getting those businesses off the ground with the initial push they need to be a raging success. Over the last few years, several self-employed people have been looking to change their careers and have turned to Mini Media for guidance. It has made itself available via consultations discussing business viability. It has also directed those it has had talks with to marketing aspects (i.e., competition analysis) that are essential to their decision-making process. Based in Stratford upon Avon, Mini Media is at the heart of tourism, which drives entrepreneurship. It Marketing can be a vast expanse of information, processes, and data that can overwhelm anyone trying to run a business. However, it’s one of those critical business attributes for growth or stability in a crowded market. The Mini Media Company offers the complete small business package: websites, DIY websites, Google Pay-Per-Click, branding, product design, reporting systems, SEO, and much more! It is the team if a client needs to get their business noticed, especially if they have a limited budget. The Mini Media Company is a small boutique digital marketing agency with decades of experience with leading brands. Running multi-million turnover businesses in the past it understands the entire cycle of business needs – not just the marketing element. It specialises in small to medium professional service businesses and supports new companies through their growing pains by using its experience. It offers graphic design, social media, paid advertising, websites, and business support; Mini Media even offers a large selection of ready-to-go, top-quality templates that can be iterated on to form any structure or feel its clients are looking for. Mini Media ensures that its clients understand what they are and are not doing well, refraining from using complicated language and ensuring everything is communicated in an easy-tounderstand fashion. The goal is to ease its client’s concerns and provide a complete and transparent view of the marketing strategies, so they can focus on running the business. As a small team, it is very responsive and keeps costs low. However, it still provides its clients with dedicated account managers that provide competitive analysis with clients not subjected to long-term contact, focusing explicitly on helping every step. It has a select client base, medium and small businesses (as well as entrepreneurs), that it nurtures and scales – giving them the best in customer service and personal attention. Its team operates as friends as well as business consultants. They go above and beyond, as they genuinely care about the client’s success. Mini Media keeps its team small and friendly which ensures that the customer is comfortable with the set-up. Working with its partners ensures they are of the same mindset and deliver Best Local SEO Agency 2022 – Warwickshire Jun22422 helps any independents that need help with its digital online presence with limited budgets – it undertakes a lot of set-ups of its workflows, structure, and guidance so that they can be self-sufficient. For the immediate future, Mini Media plans on remaining locally focused, its services centred in Stratford Upon Avon and the Midlands to concentrate on delivering excellent digital and local services. As it scales with its clients and what they require, it will continue to ensure all of its consultations and developments evolve with its clients’ businesses. Contact: Don Fidler Company: The Mini Media Company Web Address: www.minimediaco.com