Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

38 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 almost a re-awakening. I now see many more conversations taking place within the team with issues and challenges shared and innovative solutions adopted…We are now working together to create the environment for the culture to grow and flourish, supporting our company values.’ Over the past six months, the company notes an uptake in businesses wishing to invest in their employees and internal infrastructure, as in times of difficulty, the value of highly effective leadership becomes clear. In turn, the outbreak of Covid-19 was an excellent illustration of this trend, and it believes that the pandemic served as the catalyst for the current explosion in demand for their management training. Moreover, Gateway HR & Training has seen issues surrounding recruitment. A recent CIPD study showed that 74% of companies had plans to hire within the Keeping your workplace positive can be a mammoth task; however, bringing onboard an effective HR and training consultancy can help to optimise your team and bring out the best in your business. This is Gateway HR & Training’s speciality. Since its establishment in 2007, Gateway HR & Training has developed a reputation for providing SME firms in the UK with practical, business-focused, and friendly HR support. Whether it’s learning and development or HR, every member of Gateway HR & Training’s team is completely qualified and equipped to provide an outstanding level of service. Furthermore, as a HR and training consultancy, the company has a wealth of experience in providing solutions to several industries, including manufacturing, education, hospitality, charities, and professional services. The company takes great satisfaction in developing relationships with its clients, through which it endeavours to gain an understanding of the context in which they operate, the difficulties they encounter, the accomplishments they have made, and the direction they hope to take their company in. The connections that Gateway HR & Training makes allows it to accomplish its mission of ‘passionately supporting every client’s needs with expertise, creativity, and integrity’ – whether that means providing strategic direction and counsel, operational HR support, management training, or a cocktail of all three. Of course, this is one of the many characteristics that distinguish Gateway HR & Training from its competitors. In addition to this, the company is comprised of practical individuals who boast an in-depth awareness of the challenges that its customers face, and as a result, the company is able to be adaptable and responsive. The atmosphere is friendly, and it strives to provide each of its customers with the best possible service. Perhaps most importantly, Gateway HR & Training does not tie its clients into long-term contracts, all that’s needed prior to leaving is three months’ notice. The abundance of positive reviews and testimonials truly reflect the company’s essence. For example, Adrian Doran, BakeAway, states, ‘The team building session was perfect…we now have complete alignment and a collective focus on the right objectives. The activities on the day also helped reinforce an appreciation of the different skills within the leadership team – it was Most Trusted Nationwide HR & Training Company 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Jun22714 next three months, even though over a third of enterprises report having ‘hard to fill’ positions. Staff recruitment and retention are therefore two areas they anticipate focusing on with clients over the next year. The company has ambitious growth goals that extend through 2022 and beyond, with its primary mission being to create a highly motivated, engaged team that collaborates to realise the full potential of the business in achieving its mission. In order to find out more about Gateway HR & Training, you can visit their website: www. gatewayhr.com. Contact: Theresa Wright Company: Gateway HR & Training Ltd Web Address: www.gatewayhr.com Gateway HR & Training Ltd ‘We are now working together to create the environment for the culture to grow and flourish, supporting our company values.’