Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

39 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 axis (the communication system in the body that maintains the gastrointestinal tract, which contributed to the creation of Lifeplan’s newest endeavour into digestive health related products; the Gut Health Range. Another is research that showcased customers’ heightened awareness of the need for immune system support (due to the pandemic), which led to the development of Lifeplan’s BerryWell™ and Multi Immune Complex, which are both performing exceptionally well. The pandemic has also been directly responsible for a rise in stress and anxiety in UK adults. A 2020 UCL study found that two-thirds of UK adults (69%) reported feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect Covid-19 had on their life. Lifeplan was therefore once again able to showcase its innovative spirit and quick speed to market with its RelaxOn™ Day & Night supplements, packing in botanicals and vitamins to meet this demand. A source of significant pride for Lifeplan is the accessibility of its range. All products can be purchased easily in many retail outlets – Independent Health Food stores as well as high street stores such as Holland & Barrett and Boots. Lifeplan also manages its own website where customers can search by department or ailment if they are looking for something to ease specific symptoms – or even by ingredient, for gut health or joint care for example. Its site has taken every measure to ensure it provides for all customers and is accessible to everyone, even having a section dedicated to vegan products. As an SME, Lifeplan operates more like a family business with a close-knit team who share a collective drive for the business’ vision. That vision involves significant plans for growth in the near future; Lifeplan is looking to maintain its strength in originality to bring even more new products to market. Additionally, it is partnered The supplement market has seen a considerable boom over the past few years. As personal health and wellbeing are considered increasingly important, anything that helps in that regard is welcomed by many consumers. But what separates the goods from the greats is the expertise and the innovations of those involved, such as Lifeplan Products Ltd, which combines almost four decades with the latest scientific advancements to make its range… Lifeplan Products Ltd was established with a clear vision, to help people around the world to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle via its range of award-winning vitamins, minerals, and botanical supplements. It has produced high-quality vitamins and mineral supplements for almost 40 years, helping people to make the most of their lives – whilst doing right by their bodies. Starting from humble beginnings in rural Leicestershire, Lifeplan has grown into a worldwide company that is loved by millions of loyal customers. With over 80% of its products made at their manufacturing facility in the UK, Lifeplan manufactures in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which is a quality standard applied at every level within their business to give customers complete confidence. Lifeplan is an innovative organisation committed to ensuring that what it makes and uses, is sustainable and remains so in the future, as well as purchasing high quality raw materials that are ethically sourced with traceable provenance. Investment and research into the groundbreaking ingredients and emerging wellness trends ensure that Lifeplan is at the forefront of supplement development. Having a team of highly qualified in-house nutritionists and biochemists means that not only do each of Lifeplan’s products use pioneering formulations, they can also make it to market incredibly quickly. This is alongside help from its product development team – comprising the organisation’s marketing, technical and sales team Lifeplan’s focus on topical wellness trends has translated into product ranges that take advantage of enhanced awareness and understanding of a variety of complex health needs. An example of this is the teams’ knowledge of the gut-brain Most Innovative Nutritional Supplements Brand 2022 Jun22455 closely with the Department of International Trade to work on exports and expanding into the greater international market. Lifeplan has set itself up for success at every turn. From its central location to its talented and experienced team members, it has effectively styled itself as a business providing the wellbeing products of the future and has become a trailblazer in the market. Its consistent innovations, a wide range of products and the fact those products use the height of current scientific and medical understandings, ensure its customers are receiving the best possible products money can buy. This is why Lifeplan has been named the Most Innovative Nutritional Supplements Brand for 2022. Contact: Iain Laing Email: sales@lifeplan.co.uk Company: Lifeplan Products Limited Web Address: www.lifeplan.co.uk