Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

40 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Its location in the Midlands allows the team access to all parts of the UK and ease of travel via public transport or roads across the country, branching out from a central hub. Lime Tree Path can now be in London in under one hour, allowing it to bring its unique brand of experience, professionalism, good communication, and consistent results to clients all over the country. The pandemic saw a massive upswing in the market for commercial EPC assessments. As a combination of over 16,000 businesses that have gone under and the sizeable shift to hybrid and working-from-home models (that has caused many companies to move or downsize), many commercial properties require assessments and reassessments. As climate concerns continue to translate into new legislation, commercial properties are under ever stricter scrutiny for energy efficiency and carbon emissions. Enter Lime Tree Path, offering a professional service at competitive rates for acquiring the necessary certifications and holistic plans and strategies to keep properties efficient and compliant long after the work is done. Based in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Lime Tree Path have 15 years of experience in the energy assessment sector and collaborates with highprofile companies throughout the UK. It supplies Commercial Energy Performance Certificates, Air Conditioning Energy Assessments (TM44) and Displays Energy Certificates and arranges any of the listed energy assessments for any commercial property in the UK. The focus of these certificates is to monitor and measure the energy efficiency of a building and provide a letter rating (from A to G); by law, every building in the country must have Certificates. Lime Tree Path offers an essential service that allows buyers, tenants, owners, occupiers, and purchasers to see information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions from a building so they can consider energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment. Lime Tree Path works with property managers in the retail, manufacturing, real estate, private and public sectors – as well as with agricultural and private enterprises – on commercial properties of any situation. Whether leased, rented, or sold outright, Lime Tree Path provides quality assessments and certifications to its clients. It also offers consultations on improving the efficiency and carbon footprint of the properties it works on. Though it does not focus on quantity over quality, it serves numerous clients across the UK and offers top-notch service and aftercare. Customer and client satisfaction surveys have consistently returned glowing results. The quality of its assessors and quick turn-around times differentiates it from any similar agency. This is one of the many reasons it was awarded both Best Emerging Commercial Energy Consultants 2022 – East Midlands & Excellence Award in Customer Aftercare 2022. Best Emerging Commercial Energy Consultants 2022 – East Midland & Excellence Award in Customer Aftercare 2022 Jun22379 This now means that there is a considerable amount of work and projects for Lime tree Path to take on, and it has pushed forward to gain many new clients. The opportunity is enormous in the energy industry and will only increase with world issues at the forefront. Lime Tree Path has manifested a path to a greener future through its work, providing clients – and, by extension, those looking into purchasing the properties it works on – the tools necessary to ensure the properties of the UK are not wasting energy or unleashing harmful amounts of carbon emissions. In a world where climate concerns are becoming more important to tackle and the country works towards reaching net-zero, Lime Tree Path stands as one of the organisations spearheading the movement in a way that ensures 100% satisfaction for everyone involved. Contact: Lee Clements Company: Lime Tree Path Web Address: www.Limetreepath.co.uk Lime Tree Path Lime Tree Path provides quality assessments and certifications to its clients. It also offers consultations on improving the efficiency and carbon footprint of the properties it works on.