Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

41 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 has seen burnout and poor mental health in healthcare workers and teams. From this, training and support programmes were researched, developed and evaluated within this arena. Mapping this knowledge onto the training and support provided to corporations has come to be a successful approach and one that clients have highly rated and approved. The support AV Wellbeing provides aims to be memorable and enjoyable, they want to squash the view that conversations around mental health in the workplace have to be difficult. We all have mental health and enhancing mental health at work can only be a positive outcome for all. Moreover, it grants its clients access to additional support and resources through its expert talks, and free training sessions when they sign up to its AV Founded by Amy Huskisson in 2018, AV Wellbeing has made itself the best solution to mental health and wellbeing consultancy in Nottinghamshire. Operating as a partner to businesses all over the county, its wide variety of empathic, understanding, and supportive mental health services are carried out by a retinue of the most well educated and welltrained team. With its client’s health and happiness as the beating heart of the firm, it works hard to provide them with the services and solutions that help corporations to safeguard the mental health of their staff. Best Workplace Mental Health Support Service - Nottinghamshire Jul22359 WELL HUB online platform. Being driven by science and rejecting the idea that one mental health support service will act as a panacea, it recognises that different people need different things. The personable nature of the organisation, driven by the founder Amy, allows it to deliver consultancy and training that responds to this, helping corporate entities give their staff the help they need to manage anything from symptoms of poor mental health to perimenopausal changes. It promises to keep growing, developing, and improving as it moves into the future in order to continually improve its services in this manner, looking forward to ensuring all Nottinghamshire’s employees have access to understanding mental health support. Company: AV Wellbeing Contact: Amy Huskisson Website: avwellbeing.co.uk Providing a consultancy service based in empathy, respect, and understanding, AV Wellbeing’s staunch dedication to its clients is shown by the focused, front-running, and people-focused mental health services it provides. With a deep respect of the complexities involved, it hopes to foster a renewed level of care in the businesses of Nottingham by giving them the support they need to be a supporter for their own staff, ensuring that said businesses can provide the kind of aid that will help. Nominally, thanks to its services like employee engagement, mental health first aid training, line manager training, coaching, policy development, menopause training, bite-sized learning, and nutrition support, its services have expanded over the years in direct response to client need. Critically, this has meant that the pool of knowledge it has accumulated – and that it disseminates to its clients – is always growing and changing, developing in line with modern psychological and psychotherapeutic developments so that AV Wellbeing can give its clients the most up-to-date and peer reviewed advice. Knowledgeable, responsive, and passionate, it provides support and training both online and in-person, across a wide range of services that allow it to build and maintain impeccable relationships with its clients that last years, making itself an indispensable part of their own internal staff support response. Amy Huskisson comes with a background in psychology, spending 14 years delivering individual, group and team support in hospitals in and around the midlands. This knowledge is a driver for the services AV Wellbeing provides. Working in the healthcare profession, Amy