Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

42 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 person-centred approach, gathering the qualitative experiences and perceptions of people to support its clients in improving their work. Through Respeo’s evaluations, its clients have come to better understand the contexts within which they operate and the factors that can make or break an organisation. ResPeo works with clients across the UK and occasionally overseas, but it also really values the business support opportunities offered in the Midlands through remaining EU funding and the Midlands Engine. ResPeo’s team enjoys the local feel of its Grantham office and how its network gains a unique insight into urban and rural challenges and opportunities due to the it being located in the Midlands. The team also values the opportunity for learning that its client projects provide and seeks to get to know its clients and forge longstanding relationships. A high percentage of its work comes from return business, and it always values the opportunity to continue working with its existing clients. In the same vein, ResPeo takes on new information and learns from the experiences that it gains through each opportunity. Due to ResPeo predominantly supporting NHS clients, much of its work was paused during the early days of the pandemic. However, it quickly bounced back once the situation improved. Since then, it has been busier than ever – especially as health and social care services strive to listen to their staff and patients, to raise morale and improve service provision. For instance, ResPeo is presently working on several evaluations of artificial intelligence in health to understand its effects on staff and patients. It specifically researches artificial intelligence’s ability to reduce the strain and difficulty the NHS (and healthcare organisations overall) are currently facing. Overall, ResPeo has earned the award for Best Research & Evaluation Company 2022 due to Research and evaluation are necessary across all organisations to gauge their performance and impact, with very few exceptions. Data gathering is difficult enough but parsing through to find information – that can be translated into positive change and results – is an equally gruelling task. Fortunately, with its people-first approach to research, Researching People exists to fill those gaps and provide top-quality qualitative research. Launched in 2017 by Chartered Psychologist and Director, Dr Maria Kordowicz, Researching People (or ResPeo) is an expert provider of qualitative research and training in ‘soft skills.’ ResPeo provides research, evaluation, and team development services on behalf of the charity and public sectors, with health and social care organisations forming their main client base. ResPeo is a team of academics and methodologists who utilise rigorous research approaches (and apply scholarly evidencebased inquiry) to support their clients in overcoming organisational challenges. This helps organisations to learn what does and doesn’t work with the way they do things. The team came together through a combination of a shared passion for applied research and the use of evaluation. This helps it to make a difference in how people experience their lived realities and interactions with services. ResPeo evaluates programmes, projects, and services designed to improve the lives of its users in some way, for instance, through better public health provision or developmental training. It also delivers bespoke training and coaching, focussing on softer facets of organisational functioning – such as enhancing relationships at work and creating compassionate teams. In addition, ResPeo also develops facilitated reflective sessions for boards, recognising the importance of compassionate, self-aware, and critical governing bodies. The ResPeo team has noted a rise in recognition for the value of qualitative methods in evaluation research. Namely, understanding how people experience services and programmes, whilst being able to capture their thoughts and feelings, it draws recommendations for improvement based on the views of key stakeholders. Though it values quantitative metric-based research, ResPeo was founded with a specific Best Research & Evaluation Company 2022 Jul22023 its strong focus on improving health care and its team of hand-picked, academic experts. The specialists provide in-depth, reasoned, and bespoke research and data that Researching People will remain known for. Contact: Maria Kordowicz Company: Researching People Web Address: www.respeo.com