Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

4 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22475 Best Custom Home Improvement & Property Renovation Company - West Midlands As one of the most exemplary renovation and conversation firms in the West Midlands, Prestidge Carpentry Building has made a name for itself with its continually exemplary service of its clients. From the very first consultation right through to saying goodbye at the end of a project, it promises that its well-educated, passionate, and empathetic staff will be a pleasure to work with, delivering the highest quality craftsmanship on time, within budget, and up to even the ‘loft’-iest of standards. Offering a specialist service for garage and loft conversion and renovation, Prestidge Carpentry Building is for homeowners who ‘want to make more of their homes’. Nominally, its efforts have thrust it to pre-eminence in its industry for its continual excellence in the provision of reliable services at competitive prices that never scrimp on the superior finish, outstanding customer service, and quality workmanship. Indeed, each of these elements form a solid pillar upon which everything else has been build, forging a foundation of trust, respect, and reliability upon which Prestidge Carpentry Building has built its name and its reputation. Its mission, therefore, can be described accurately as striving for the utmost customer satisfaction at every turn. The effort it funnels into responding in a timely and empathic manner to every question, comment, or concern that a client may have sets it in good stead with its market segment, as it has proved time and again its true dedication to creating bespoke custom home improvements and conversions that fit a client’s needs. After all, the client’s visions and goals are the driving force behind any job, and so it works hard to keep these specifications as the beating heart of the task at hand, hearkening back to the vision it is trying to create in order to make it reality. This is the mission that Prestidge Carpentry Building was founded upon, and it shows no signs of shirking this particular commitment anytime soon. Indeed, the reputation of having outstanding service, quality, and efficiency is all due to this dedication to the client, and they repay its diligence with glowing reviews, referrals to friends, family, and peers, and coming back to it over and over as their renovation one-stop-shop. Uniquely, it sees itself as a vessel through which it makes dreams come true, seeing its role in its clients’ lives as so much more than just another renovation company. It is a trusted partner to the creation of a clients’ dream home, with its team making themselves a friendly and available point of contact throughout the build in order to assuage any concerns, comments, or doubts that a client may be having. This allows its clients to take pride in the work that Prestidge Carpentry Building has done over the course of the build, to take pride in their input in the build, and – of course – to take pride in showing off their newly renovated home or loft to guests. It hopes to hear tales of all the appreciative ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of friends and family members once it’s completed a build, and is always excited to hear back from a client to this end. Additionally, should a client have feedback on how it can improve in some way, shape, or form, it is just as excited and eager to receive this kind of comment from its clients, as it doesn’t believe in stagnation, and is always enthusiastic about the idea of bettering itself and its processes in order to conduct better work in the future. Offering a specialist service for garage and loft conversion and renovation, Prestidge Carpentry Building is for homeowners who ‘want to make more of their homes’.