Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 5 Best Custom Home Improvement & Property Renovation Company - West Midlands This dedication to always growing, innovating, and improving is something it wishes to foster in its industry proper. Nominally, by leading by example, it hopes to give its fellows and peers and upright zeal for positive change and for adapting itself to the wider context of a changing world, incorporating in new ideas, bold innovations, and front-running new measures in order to keep the sector of bespoke construction always growing and improving. This also means keeping abreast of all current aesthetic trend changes, form preferences, and other such industry-wide paradigm shifts. At present, such shifts are being seen in people looking inwards over the course of the pandemic, resulting in a significant boom in the home reconstruction and renovation industry as more people ponder over how to more effectively make their space into a hub for their entire lives. This is because, during the isolation periods especially, homes became the workplace, social area, leisure space, and more, and for a not insignificant amount of the population, their homes were simply not fit for purpose in this way. A lot of the modern renovation work that people want doing has therefore been focused around using space more efficiently and effectively. This has meant the creation of new storage space, more efficient office or workplace areas, more open and spacious leisure spaces, and the development of illusions that allow a space to appear bigger or airier than it was before, battling the claustrophobic feelings of being stuck indoors. Indeed, this has driven many people to finally get a jump on with that loft conversion project or garage renovation idea that they’d been putting off, eager to make new spaces for them not to just survive, but to thrive, getting back to their lives and livelihoods with the help of a space that enables it. The West Midlands has seen more and more of Prestidge Carpentry Building’s work pop up over the years thanks to the growth and renown it has been accruing. In this manner, it is excited and enthusiastic to continue serving this specific region of the UK, proud to serve the community that its founders have called home for so long, surrounded by family, friends, and partners to the business. Moreover, its staff – all of whom are directly employed by the company – are educated, well-mannered, and eager local people who have a true passion for their job, wearing the uniform with pride in order to serve clients past, present, and future. It hopes to welcome many more clients into the fold going forward, excited for its planned 2023 expansions and the further corporate development such things will bring. Company: Prestidge Carpentry Building Contact: David Prestidge Website: Prestidgecarpentry.co.uk