Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

46 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 much-needed hospital discharges and care. This is all thanks to the care MCSE takes in recruiting its carers and other staff as it looks for people with empathy and the right attitude to care. When training, it is arranged for new team members to shadow work to ensure they’re happy and comfortable about taking the following steps. This is all maintained through its Senior Care and Mentor staff, who provide the ongoing support recruits need on a regular basis. It pairs newbies with an experienced team so they can learn on the job, gaining practical points of reference in how care works in practice without being thrown in at the deep end. Many of its staff start without experience yet they meet friends for life as part of its team. They then quickly gain industry-leading skills and expertise to make sure they are perfect for the role. Even the company owners feel that if a family member needed care, the staff at MCSE would Excellent care from support workers is the backbone of the care industry. Midland Care Support and Enablement Ltd bridge the gap between what’s promised and what’s physically delivered in the care industry, ensuring those who come into their care receive precisely what they were promised and expect. Midland Care Support and Enablement Ltd (MCSE) is a healthcare provider serving adults and children with various complicated medical needs. This ranges from short call homecare to complete 24-hour cover for people with more complex needs such as Autism, Dementia, and Neurological conditions. It provides care and support to people in their homes across Birmingham and the West Midlands; all of its office staff are local, with the vast majority starting as carers before developing into management and administration positions. Its investment in its people and keeping things local provides MCSE’s team with a complete view of its patients’ needs at all levels of the organisation. Having its staff develop up into higher positions from a ‘ground floor’ level is critical to the management team understanding what they need to do and provide to ensure patients’ health and satisfaction. Its strengths are the honesty and transparency it fosters; it treats everyone how it would expect to be treated – with respect and dignity. The management team encourages staff to treat each customer as a family member, providing a tailored and personable approach to healthcare far beyond many competitors. From its remuneration to the programs for training and MCSE supports its staff and does its best to deliver care in a way its customers shape with their preferences and choices in mind. For MCSE, communication is paramount. Establishing a two-way stream of dialogue and establishing what people’s expectations are immediately is the key to its success. MCSE doesn’t obfuscate its service behind medical jargon or meandering language; it works to communicate what is and isn’t possible and construct a package of care/support that meets people’s needs, accomplished by listening. The pandemic had far-reaching effects, but its staff rose to the challenge and helped deliver Most Compassionate Home Care Team – West Midlands Jun22659 be the standout choice. Many fine companies and carers are out there, but it believes its team is up there with the best because of their professionalism, friendliness, warmth, and compassion. It gets compliments from families who go out of their way to tell their loved ones had outstanding care. MCSE has expanded to work with some of the Black Country Councils with great success, so the immediate future for the company is to continue growing in these regions. Beyond that, the Most Compassionate Home Care Team in the West Midlands will ensure its transparent, realistic, and personable care continues to be provided for those who desperately need it, servicing Birmingham and the greater region with the same compassion that made it award-winning to begin with. Contact: Paul Carr Company: Midland Care Support & Enablement Ltd Web Address: www.midlandcse.co.uk