Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

47 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 hired in. Those who do this thrive because they are always looking forward. When it comes to the matter of education, it’s clear that Lewtay Training is a business which is always looking forward. To them, the future of a business is one which depends on businesses being aware of what drives them forward. In short, what drives a business is people and the team at Lewtay Training know how to build people into the best workers possible. When looking for the edge that sets you apart, it’s worth looking at how you can best invest in your employees. Team members who are trained to the highest standards are not only an asset to your business, but generates engaged employees who go above and beyond. Recognised for their success in SME News’ Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022, we thought it time to dig a little deeper to uncover the secrets of the team’s success. With over twenty years of experience under the team’s belt, Lewtay Training offers a level of training that is truly second to none. The importance of training is clear to anyone, offering a path to professional development that is vital to staying alert and aware in a rapidly changing job market. For businesses to avoid stagnation, they must ensure their employees are always learning new skills. Learning new skills is where Lewtay Training excels. The team has always pushed their students into bold new territory, but the company has expanded significantly over the years to meet the needs of new groups of potential clients. In 2013, the team became a national training provider for apprenticeships, engaging with both Levy and nonlevy organisation to become the provider of choice for many. The ability of the team to adapt over time, evolving to suit the needs of the day, has been a core concept behind the achievements. At the heart of Lewtay Training is the individual, and a determination to ensure that the individual can succeed no matter what. The key to this has proven to be a high standard of tutoring that stands apart as something special indeed. The company pride themselves on the quality of their tutors, and the tutoring that they provide. Students at Lewtay Training, no matter what subject or what specific area of study, always feel supported and safe to make mistakes and thrive. Recently, the team at Lewtay Training have expanded into the exciting new field of recruitment, using their ability to train the brightest and the best to create the perfect candidate for almost any role. The range of qualifications that are on offer from this talented team make them the perfect people to work alongside when wanting your business to stand out from the crowd. The best organisations invest in new resources, broadening the pool of people who are Best Apprenticeships & Staff Training Provider 2022 - East of England Jun22623 By putting people first, the team has earned its place as a leading name in the often-challenging sector of training and recruitment. As ever, the results really do speak for themselves. They are trusted by numerous companies to deliver value in terms of professional development, and they manage to make it look easy while they do it. Company: Lewtay Training Limited Name: Trish Allen-Janes Email: trish@lewtay.co.uk Lewtay Training Limited