Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

51 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 HubGem is a fully remote company with team members across the UK, though most are dotted around the Midlands. It’s grown from being a sole trader in 2020 to a thriving team of 13 employees based all around the UK, and at the time of writing, it also has an additional three job vacancies live on its website. The middle of the UK is a great meeting place for its in-person days and some of its team travel from as far north as Glasgow and south as Kent. HubGem’s team comprises many exceedingly skilled graduates from the Midlands, and its hiring of good-fit team members has been straightforward. It is currently working on the world’s first-ever HubSpot and iSAMS integration, which is now live and beginning to accept its first cohort of schools. It has seen lots of interest in its services, and its main priority is hiring team members to help service the new customers as its growth is set to continue and is already attracting new business every day. Being specialists, having worked directly within the sectors and positions of its clients gives it the experience and understanding of its struggles through the process. It is an expert in HubSpot CRM software and is passionate about upskilling its clients and not just doing all the work for them. HubGem is careful with who it recruits, and when scaling, the company culture is always at the forefront of its mind. On a global scale, it is still one of the world’s only education and non-profit-focused HubSpot partners. With many happy customers and 100% 5-star reviews, it is becoming THE trusted HubSpot partner for these sectors for Englishspeaking organisations worldwide. For such a new organisation, HubGem has much to be proud of. Leveraging its remote model, it has been able to dominate its niche and work There has been a significant shift in the education sector wanting better and more integrated systems, and for the marketing industry in general, CRM is still rapidly growing in popularity. As all sectors recover from the pandemic, the focus is on better preparing systems for flexible working and cloud-based offices; HubGem Marketing (a fully remote organisation) is a specialist marketing and CRM agency dedicated to helping education and non-profit organisations grow. Influencing and improving industries everywhere, this team of HubSpot CRM experts specialises in implementing HubSpot tools to help organisations deliver impactful marketing, sales, admissions, and communication strategies and facilitate student/ alum communications. Based in the Midlands, HubGem is a passionate team supporting various clients from all over the world to grow. It helps its clients by simplifying the complex and giving them the confidence, and skills, they need to succeed in implementing a digital process. It believes in empowering the people it works with by up-skilling them and delivering its services to enable development, all with a strong focus on education. HubGem seeks to change how school, college, and university marketing departments work. It encourages clients to move away from processing paper enquiry forms, endless spreadsheets of data, and a disjointed approach from marketing to admissions for less laborious digital solutions through the HubSpot solutions. Since its founding in 2020, HubGem has become a Diamond HubSpot solutions partner, putting it in the top 3% of partners globally. It has worked with around 60 clients worldwide and is also a HubSpot User Group leader for the education sector. HubGem estimates that just 1% of the UK education market currently has an efficient CRM, marketing, and sales tech stack. Thus,– with its remote business model not limited by location, it aims to change this further afield. It believes that the education and non-profit sectors need to use tech better and is passionate about helping its customers learn the skills for themselves. Many of its services are a unique blend of technical support, training, and strategic consultancy – which its competitors do not offer to these sectors in this way. Best Education & NPO Marketing Agency 2022 & Excellence Award in CRM Implementation 2022 Jun22505 across a far larger geographic than one would expect for a team its size. Its ambitious goal of improving schools’ operations and its expert utilisation of the HubSpot solution and its CRM works is why it is the winner of both the Best Education & NPO Marketing Agency 2022 & Excellence Award in CRM Implementation 2022. Contact: Madelyn Sullivan Company: HubGem Marketing Web Address: hubgem.co.uk HubGem Marketing