Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

52 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 improving quality of education. Its services include school improvement consulting, and training, and it also conducts quality and compliance audits as well as mock inspections. It also supports schools in developing inspection readiness so they can get good Ofsted assessment outcomes and continue to help as many pupils as possible. Finally, it ensures that the schools it works with meet independent schools’ regulations to maintain their registration with the DfE – and remain open. Unlike education consultants that work across many provisions and focus on specific aspects of education (such as special educational needs, behaviour management, safeguarding and so on), Marell Consulting Limited maintains a focus on the school’s overall effectiveness and ensures that it is consistently improving. Additionally, it only works for one type of school: non-association independent schools. Granted, this makes Marell an extremely specific organisation. Still, it is an undisputed expert within that niche, leveraging the specific knowledge of its client’s setup and the unique circumstances they face to be helpful and efficient. Registration of new independent schools is increasing due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the unique circumstances borne from the lockdown, there has been an increase in requests for support from children and young people with Education, Health and Care Plans where the support set out in its plan has not been provided, particularly due to pressures on the health service. Additionally, several non-association independent schools closed permanently during the pandemic. Demand for the company’s Independent School Registration package and the Pre-Registration Inspection Audit service has increased. The pandemic period was a challenge, but there is a very firm path for recovery and further growth . Consultancy is a challenging and complex field due to organisations needing solutions that will allow them to better service and entice their consumers. When applied to schools and education, that becomes a more complex topic as young people and their education become the point of consumption. Marell Consulting Limited understands these unique challenges perfectly and devises excellent strategies that make it lead within its field and niche. Marell Consulting Limited was founded in 2012 to offer improvement solutions for independent schools that are inspected by Ofsted, otherwise known as non-association independent schools. Its vision is for excellent independent school provision to be available for all pupils who have not managed to thrive in mainstream provision. Thus, it makes continuous improvement part of the culture of every independent school it works with by promoting excellence across every aspect of each school’s provision. Marell doesn’t just care about doing an excellent job for the sake of its clients and its ratings, but because the work it does directlyaffects the lives and education of children. It makes sure to do right by them. The Founders of non-association independent schools believe they can offer a better quality of education than what is currently available and are looking to serve specific groups of children better. Often, these schools are relatively small and cater to some of the most vulnerable pupils with complex educational, social, emotional, and mental health needs (as well as significant educational gaps.) Marell knows the work these schools do is essential and seeks to support them in every way. To inspire positive change, Marell works closely with the Headteachers, senior leadership, governors, trustees, and proprietors to develop continuous improvement systems so pupils can experience a consistently outstanding and Recognised Leaders in School Improvement Support 2022 Jun22474 This sharp increase in registration of independent schools has provided it with an additional pathway for recovery and a high level of new clients to add to its network and demonstrate its portfolio of services. To support the remainder of 2022, it will broaden output by adding online training courses to the live face-to-face and live online training whilst also hosting a podcast for the leaders of non-association independent schools. Next year it will venture into creating a membership group exclusively for its client’s schools – and it will expand the business to British schools overseas. The focus Marell has on servicing nonassociation independent schools leaves it both relevant and uniquely prepared to fulfil its duties. By avoiding an attempt to become a jack-of-alltrades, it has become a master of its industry and provides truly award-winning care and solutions that mark it as a leader in the market – and an example to be followed. Its expansion to its output and the geographic limits will allow Marell Consulting Limited to shine amongst other consultancies and grow as a result. Contact: Ellen Mukwewa Company: Marell Consulting Limited Web Address: www.marellconsulting.co.uk Marell knows the work these schools do is essential and seeks to support them in every way.