Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

64 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 price point as the Genius Hub. What’s more, their systems costs around a third of any comparable control system. Genius Hub accomplishes its designs through their Smart thermostatic radiator valves and motion sensors and are compatible with most heat pumps, gas, oil, or biomass boilers. It enables its customers to control almost any wet and electric heating system, all under one simple app. Genius Hub can install the vital components in under 5 minutes per room, making for a rapid and non-disruptive installation by trained installers across the country. Due to the ease of installation and adaptable function, the Genius Hub is great for renovation projects, retrofits, and commercial buildings. Beyond being expertly applied and costeffective, it is also incredibly user-friendly. This is highlighted by the fact that anyone can have complete control over the heating with minimal training. This is ideal for both commercial and domestic customers and saves further costs on requiring a specialist to manage the system. Its app is available on Android and iOS devices - the system is even compatible with IFTTT and intelligent home automation systems including Control 4, ELAN, and Alexa - making for as much ease in management and monitoring as possible with voice control and integration into other smart home systems. Genius Hub has substantial growth planned for the future: It grew by over 50% last year and is expected to grow by the same this year. Its three new physical products are launching this Autumn, all fuelled by its continuous drive to improve the system. With all of its new products being backwards compatible, it takes its new and existing customers on their energy-saving journey with ease. Clear passion and dedication oozes from every action Genius Hub takes. The innovative way it Cutting down on energy and utility bills is a concern that grows increasingly prominent as the years go on. Smart technology often markets itself on its ability to assist with keeping the things running smoothly without breaking the bank. Still, Genius Hub stands out via its use of pre-existing methods in an entirely novel way. All to help its customers save money and energy while keeping its customer’s families warm. Genius Hub is a smart heating system that brings sustainable heating to homes across the UK. It uses innovative smart heating solutions that significantly reduce carbon emissions from its customers’ heating requirements and produces tangible cost savings. The company aims to reduce our carbon footprint and improve comfort in the buildings we use. It does this by turning every room of its clients’ building into a temperature-controlled zone, allowing its customers to only heat the spaces they need at any time, saving around 25% on residential heating bills and more than 60% in commercial buildings like hotels. The industry has changed dramatically over the past few years, since the pandemic, due to more people working from home. As a result, many people’s home energy bills have skyrocketed. People are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills – especially as money saved on commuting to work is now being spent on heating their homes during the winter. To assist with this, Genius Hub has applied a new approach to smart systems by using existing components in a completely new way: it took the concept of occupancy-controlled lighting – commonplace in many buildings and widely accepted as a good way of saving energy – and applied that to heating through smart radiator valves. The room occupancy sensors also have background temperature monitoring and the ability to learn about occupancy rates in their locations. To manage the nuanced differences between lighting and heating, the Genius Hub’s smart heating takes warm-up durations and outside weather data into consideration, providing staggering savings for customers and improved stakeholder comfort: No other commercial control system can give individual occupancy-controlled temperatures within rooms wirelessly at the same Best Automated Heating Control Solutions Provider 2022 Jun22538 applies existing technology and processes to a different branch of the energy market is why it is undoubtedly the Best Automated Heating Control Solutions Provider of 2022, and we see nothing less than continued excellence in 2023 and beyond. It is showcased that already, after all. Contact: Hannah Livingstone Company: Genius Hub Web Address: geniushub.co.uk