Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

65 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 It is the only Midlands creative agency that truly specialises in creating 360 global campaigns for some of the largest entertainment brands in the world, spanning Europe, the USA, and Asia. Fluid thrives on quality, hi-end creative exploration through technology, with James Glover and his team being visionaries within the sector and delivering consistently world-class James Glover founded Fluid 27 years ago, a creative agency in the business of design and branding for the entertainment sector, including video games, TV, film, music, and lifestyle. The agency boasts a global entertainment client base, creating European and global campaigns for the likes of Universal, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Music, MTV, BBC, and many more. Since 1995, Fluid has been providing the world’s most famous entertainment brands with beautiful visuals, believing in the power of rich experiences to connect with audiences. Notably, the agency has been, for 25 years, working with Sony PlayStation, and was one of the gaming company’s first suppliers. Best Global Entertainment Creative Agency 2022 Jun22397 award-winning campaigns. The team have always approached each project as a unique mission, striving to understand every nuance of a client, their product, vision, and audience in order to build an effortlessly engaging message and identity. With an ethos of ‘Never Not Creating’, every project they undertake benefits from an ingrained passion and cultural knowledge, earning them a global reputation for their ever-evolving creativity. Within the last 12 months, the team has completed major campaigns in the form of the Arcane/Riot Games Netflix launch campaign, Final Fantasy European campaign, and Jurassic World global style guide. Arcane is the blockbuster Netflix show made in conjunction with Riot Games, which brings a brand new adventure from the League of Legends universe. Fluid was asked to mark the launch with the biggest influencer kit project it has ever undertaken. With 3,500 units to global locations, Fluid helped ensure Arcane became not just another entertainment launch, but a momentous occasion for the entertainment industry. Ultimately, Fluid is no stranger to winning accolades, with over 30 under its belt for such ground-breaking creative projects over the years. SME News is delighted to be adding another to the list, for the agency couldn’t be more deserving of the title, Best Global Entertainment Creative Agency 2022. James comments, “It’s a hat trick! This one will sit proudly next to ‘European Design Agency of the Year’ and MCV’s ‘Creative Agency of the Year! Could not do it without the amazing team!” We’re excited to see what the agency does next! Company: Fluid Contact: James Glover Email: enquiries@fluidesign.co.uk Website: fluidesign.co.uk