Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

66 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 creative site in WordPress and assisted in developing a whole new content strategy to encourage better engagement with the site and the brand. CPHT (Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training) is the leading UK-based hypnotherapy provider. It franchised its brand and had over 30 websites, a poor online presence and negligible SEO when it approached Digital Defined for assistance in improving its online marketing. To counter this, Digital Defined designed and built a new single site to function as a central hub for the brand. Overall, it provides its client with a digital marketing manager who has worked in the field for years (within every sector) and with clients from local service providers to the Royal Navy, “Whatever the customers budget, we’re sure we can help!” – this is the tagline of Digital Defined Ltd, a fresher face to the digital marketing sector that has made quite the splash. Not just providing SEO or PPC solutions, but in-depth and innovative looks into what its clients are and aren’t doing right to provide one of the most robust and precise looks into how an organisation needs to market itself. Digital Defined Ltd provides a fullservice digital marketing service that helps businesses improve their online visibility through SEO and paid advertising, alongside optimising websites to improve conversion rates and other metrics. It started trading following the first Covid-19 lockdown and has built a company that helps clients get closer to marketing professionals by removing client services and project managers from the equation entirely. It offers businesses access to seasoned people with the right skills and to educate its clients to improve the quality of conversations over time, ensuring an open and transparent approach. It uses various tools and industry strategies to facilitate improved marketing for its clients. Payper-click marketing is an excellent tool Digital Defined works with for supporting customers’ marketing efforts. It helps get specific brands in front of their target audience and is an excellent method for supporting growth whilst allowing for granular control over customers’ ROI. Its SEO application encourages growth and prioritises improving customers’ site SEO health. Once complete, it digs deep into markets, competitors, content and more to help them get more high-quality, free traffic. Finally, Digital Defined crafts customised real-time and scheduled digital marketing reports. It pulls data from all available platforms, aggregates it, and then transposes it into visual media to provide actionable insight and help its clients understand. It collaborates directly with the client and offers a white-label solution for web development and PR agencies who need extra support for clients’ digital marketing. Examples of its work include: Envisage Associates had issues with their site and were looking to build a new one. It asked Digital Defined to provide a solution, which involved building a new SEO & device-friendly SEO Specialists of the Year – Staffordshire Jun22396 Hoover, many more. Its clients work with the experts directly, and because it doesn’t have client or project managers, it provides customers with much cheaper rates than its competition. It also does not outsource any of its work and its team is filled with industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience. This year it moved into a new office space to better accommodate its work and team, including its planned expansion to its PPC team. It is looking forward to further business growth as more people see the benefits of working with the SEO Specialists of the Year, Digital Defined! Contact: Ben Clay Company: Digital Defined Marketing Web Address: https://digitaldefined.co.uk/