Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 7 Most Dedicated Sensory Impairment & Dementia Support Organisation 2022 continue enjoying the personalised, individual, and highly empathic services offered by its team, as well as the increased independence, peace of mind, and dignity that goes hand in hand with this. A large part of the activities and exercises it offers within its day care focus on creating the right environment to suit the future goals of a service user. Striving to work with agencies, families, and other support workers, VIP Day Centre makes the client the expert of their own care plan, implementing in any cultural or linguistic requirements that might be appropriate, and including them in the decision-making process when changes must be made. VIP Day Centre, therefore, plies its trade to give both mental and social interaction within its day care, with regular visits from hairdressers and chiropodists being the norm so that its clients can feel looked after from head to toe. Having been in operation since 2014, it has been receiving a vast volume of calls from up and down the UK since its inception. The market segment have welcome it with open arms, with peers recognising its good work and its clients dependably going on to leave it glowing reviews, as well as referring it to family, friends, and colleagues as a fantastic way to get elderly relatives the support they need without having them move into full time assisted living. Responding to feedback and listening to the comments of its clients, it strives to keep making its impeccable service even better going forward, and looks forward to continue expanding and welcoming in many more fresh faces in the future. Company: VIP Day Centre Contact: Natalie Allcock Website: https://vipdaycentre.co.uk/