Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

8 | Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 Jun22650 Best Nationwide Construction Printing Company 2022 As a construction industry mainstay, Clickpost has made a name for itself with plan printing, reliable service, and expanding reach. The service it provides is one of the most reliable in the business, all made possible by its staff’s commitment to the utmost quality of customer interactions and solution development. With the goal of making printing services that much better and more accessible for its entire sector, it has been achieving its lofty goal one client at a time through competitive efforts and a determination to continuously improve. As the UK’s leading plan printing service, Clickpost has reliably served over 30,000 customers within the construction industry, continuing to expend its reach with a diligence and tenacity that has secured it a firm place at the head of the pack in its industry. Within the construction industry, reliable, accessible, and actionable plan printing is a critical element of any build or project, and Clickpost recognises this, striving to deliver easy-to-use print, package, and issue services that allow the improvement of the sector across the board. In essence, it leads by example, conducting the work it wishes to see made standard. By making plan printing easier, more dependable, and more customer-focused, it has developed a specialty way of working that sets it head and shoulders above the rest. Nominally, its print and issue of construction drawings and documents is done by robust, ISO9001 accredited, and rigorously quality tested systems and processes that allow very littleroom for error, taking pride in the fact that it is not just another print shop that also offers a printing service. Clickpost is industry specific, highly dedicated, and incredibly diligent. By understanding theunique challenges and hurdles that are frequently put before professionals in the construction industry, its staff can reach a true understanding with its clients, welcoming them into an empathic, efficient, and excellencefocused environment that knows what a unique set of circumstances printing for construction entails. Fundamentally, keeping its customers at heartis something that has followed it since its inception, only getting better with the years of experience it has accrued in serving them. Founded upon decades of experience in AEC, Clickpost applies its speed and focus to each one of the jobs it takes on, always treating each client with the respect and prioritisation that they deserve, as it knows that speed is of critical importance. Oftentimes, in construction, the professionals working from the plans that need printing are on tight deadlines, and don’t have time for wrangling overly bloated systems or unnecessary due process, and thus Clickpost delivers a service that is as streamlined as possible. Therefore, the clients that have enjoyed the decades of being able to get their documents quickly and reliably thanks to Clickpost each recommend it to friends, rivals, and peers, the industry in the macro scale showing its thanks for its work with reviews and referrals. Each word-of-mouth review, third party review, and glowing commentary allows the business to continue to grow and develop, helping yet more construction professionals to find and benefitfrom its work, as well as allowing Clickpost to improve its own services. It does this by listening not just to the complimentary reviews, but to all reviews, taking on board any constructive criticism and implementing in accordingly in order to ensure that it is never resting on its laurels. Stagnation, after all, is the death of progress; and progress is something that Clickpost is hoping to see much more of in the construction industry, all driven by its vision of making plan printing an easier, more efficient, and more reliable process. This removes the stress factor from one of the most logistical elements of a construction project pipeline and allows the client to get back to working on their build with the correct planning documents they need to support them in hand. Critically, striving to improve an entire industry means keeping an ear to the ground for paradigm shifts and developments going on within it. This has allowed it to keep an eye on how its wider sector has responded to Covid-19, from the market response to the response of the professionals who dedicate their careers to the delivery of the UK’s construction projects. The current prevailing trends of BIM and paperless office work have therefore been something that Clickpost has been keeping a close eye on throughout its work over the past few years, and these two trends have been prevailing with architecture, engineering, and construction in equal measure. With more people than ever working from home or needing other more socially distanced working solutions than crowded offices or workstations, Clickpost accepts