Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 | 9 Best Nationwide Construction Printing Company 2022 that BIM and paperless work is an important paradigm shift for the safety of workers up and down the country. However, good design intent communication between site operatives is still also a highly pivotal element of the industry, one which cannot be understated when it comes to the importance of them in completing a project to specification and on time. Thus, communication from design, procurement, and management to on-site physical construction still requires an effective and low-cost tool, which is still currently a need filled by printed plans such as the ones that Clickpost develops. In requisitioning their print plans from Clickpost, they cut out the need for an expensive print room, cutting costs and allowing them to more effectively use that part of the budget. With outsourced, large format, and wellexecuted printing available whenever it’s needed, its clients are still relying on it for their print plans and benefitting hugely from the timeliness and quality of the results, with sustainable consumables and FSC certified packaging ensuring an environmentally conscious mindset prevails during. Based out of Lichfield, its highly trained, joyful, and professional workplace is full of enthusiastic and clever people who are always exceeding expectations, allowing Clickpost to continue expanding both in name, deed, and location. Company: Clickpost Contact: Andrew Evans Website: click-post.co.uk