Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 50 Oct22495 Best Co-Working Space - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne The world of work is changing, and few understand the new ways in which we work better than the team at The Racquets Court. This modern addition to Newcastle City Centre has created enormous potential for workers who need a more flexible lifestyle. Founded in 2019, The Racquets Court has been at the forefront of the movement towards combining working from home and working at the office. We take a look at the team, following their success in the Northern Enterprise Awards. Companies, globally, are changing the way in which they work, exploring ideas and opportunities for hybrid working. For many, what is needed is a space that acts as an office on demand. But not just ‘any office’, one that that tempts and stimulates productivity. That is what The Racquets Court offers. Co-working spaces have revolutionisedhowmany people now work offering space to individuals, SMEs and organisations. With capacity for hot desking as well as shared office space or virtual offices, The Racquets Court means that office space can be accessed exactly when its needed. Demand for of spaces like this was clear, even before the pandemic, when the Racquets Court team opened its doors in 2019. As the pandemic eased, the need for the resources that The Racquets Court offers became clearer. The idea for The Racquets Court came from people who needed a co-working space for themselves, an option that was more flexible than the traditional office. The Racquets Court is run by people who understand the importance of designing spaces that are fit for purpose both for the business and for the people who work in it. The Racquets Court is designed to offer a location which impresses colleagues, clients and, in a tight labour market, an attractor for potential employees. From the moment someone steps through the doors of The Racquets Court, it is clear that considerable thought has gone into the design of the building, to encourage both comfort and productivity. Biophilic elements promote wellbeing and positive mental health, with a small garden and plants cared for by members. Everything is ergonomically designed, where possible, bought locally and chosen with an eye towards sustainability. The Racquets Court is an historic building within which technology and tradition are thoughtfully combined. Every desk has a wired internet connection and is connected to the Stellium Network. There is a Gigabit carrier into the building. There is a standard speed of 200MB (up and down), which can be scaled if required. Co-working has become increasingly the norm and finding ways to facilitate that, appropriately, has become fundamental. With no two business needs being the same, The Racquets Court team has developed packages to support the varied needs of its clients. Everything is wrapped into a single convenient invoice, so there’s no need to worry about setting new contracts or looking for suppliers. For those who might have more specific needs, a bespoke package can be developed. Newcastle offers one of the most vibrant technology clusters outside London and is a major centre for the renewable, offshore and subsea energy industries. It’s also one of the most cost-effective cities in which to do business, home to brands such as Sage PLC, Proctor & Gamble, Virgin Money and Siemens. The Racquets Court is proud to offer support to local and national businesses adding value to Newcastle’s economy. Looking ahead, the team has ambitious plans including a range of new packages to showcase how flexible co-working can be. At the heart of this expansion is increased automation, which will provide an even more seamless member experience. The Racquet Court, at the heart of Newcastle’s centre, is a place in which people WANT to live and work. The team which runs The Racquets Court will always work to ensure that it stays that way. If you’d like to know how the team is doing that – keep in touch. Company: The Racquets Court Name: Bex Cutts Email: Web Address: