Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Oct22558 A cleaning company based out of Leeds, Enviroserve UK’S teamof reliable, experienced, and dedicated professionals provide some of the best and most comprehensive services for the public and private sector both. Its time-saving, detail-oriented, and nationwide services allow its clients to get on with what truly matters, enabling them to leave the time consuming and oftentimes stressful job of keeping everything spic and span to the experts. For both public and private sector businesses, cleaning can be more than just a chore, it can be a stressor. Whether this is due to time constraints or because of specialist equipment that said specialists do not have the time to be fully cleaning and servicing all the time, Enviroserve UK makes itself the reliable and committed solution to any and all such challenges. Nominally, each of its staff do this by operating with the highest levels of professionalism and accountability. Every one of them has been trained to the highest possible standards, boasting training from BICScs to NVQs, IPAFs and PASMA awards to ensure that any venue, establishment, or headquarters is given the greatest due diligence. Able to ply its trade at schools, shopping centres, hospitals, and even in food service, Enviroserve UK takes the headache out of hygiene with its diverse and adaptable range of cleaning services, each of which can be appropriately modified to fit exactly what it is a customer needs. This is a part of its dedication to creating healthy, long-term, and friendly relationships with clients. Moreover, its services seamlessly blend with business opening and closing times so that it can fit itself around a client’s schedule perfectly; in this way, the cleaning services are discrete as well as effective. Its people, ostensibly, are the people who make this possible, and it thanks them for their hard work and diligence by ensuring there are always new and exciting opportunities on the horizon. Whether this is internal mobility or upcoming training and development, it champions career progression and reaping the rewards of one’s hard work, resulting in a happy and healthy workforce that is invigorated by challenge, honest, and transparent towards each other and the client. Friendly, professional, and proud, the eco-friendly products, out-of-hours cleaning, flexible contracts, inspections, and DBS checked keyholding all set it apart from other in its industry, thrusting it into pre-eminence in Leeds and the rest of the UK proper. Company: Enviroserve UK Contact: Ana Rosselló Website: Contract Cleaning Business of the Year 2022 - UK