Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

52 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Most Innovative Nationwide Health & Social Care Education Organisation 2022 The UK is filled with training providers in every industry and sector. Some are independent, some are national organisations. Many of them have fallen foul of tickbox compliance, especially those in the health and social care sector. There needs to be something more for this vital part of how the country operates. CBAT was founded with the intention of disrupting the industry and offering an intuitive way forward. Whether it’s the clinical world, areas of management and leadership, mental health and prison services, sector specific training is crucial to being able to provide the best level of support to the health and social care system. More than just trainers, the CBAT team act as partners to the various organisations that turn to them for support. Since opening their doors five years ago, the team have provided many subject matter experts with exceptional tuition. The aim is not purely to create new staff for the industry, but to become a nationally recognised provider with regards to fitness and health. Whilst operating across the UK, the heart of CBAT really is in the north. Based in Southport, the team use the latest technologies to spread their reach the length and breadth of the country. Being based in this part of the UK has allowed the team to spend their finances on the impressive skills of their team as opposed to paying high rents for glass towers in London. The team, therefore, has heads of departments who have industry experience in specific sectors. Clients know that when they discuss their training with these heads, they are talking to acknowledged specialists in the field. Finding the right people to bring CBAT to life has never been straightforward, and neither has the task of supporting them to be the ambitious, adventurous and confident people who can make things happen. The work, however, has proven to be more than worth it. CBAT proudly acts as a single unit, one where the team is the nucleus of what they can offer clients. Those who are a part of the company feel like they are somewhere they can not only make a difference to others, but can grow effectively too. Looking ahead, it’s clear that this incredible firm still has plenty to say about the current state of affairs in the health and social care sector. The first five years of operation have been an immeasurable success, and the next five years seem set to continue this astonishing trend. It’s clear that the work of the CBAT team is not just in training, but in changing the way in which the industry as a whole approaches the topic. This unique vision has been with the team since the beginning and has not faded over time. The future seems bright for this impressive organisation. They’ve more than a few tricks still up their sleeves when it comes to developing new ways forward for the industry. Far from settling, their continual investment in new solutions will help to develop a stronger and more sustainable industry for all. We can’t wait to see them bring it to life! Company: Care Business Associate Training (CBAT) Name: Paul Blane Email: Web Address: The health and social care industry deserves the very best when it comes to training, because it has such an enormous impact on the state of the UK as a whole. Few are more passionate about the topic than the team at Care Business Associate Training (CBAT). Worthy winners in SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards 2022, we take a closer look to find out more.