Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Nov22044 Twiddy’s Grub House serves quality grub at bangin’ prices, living by the motto of ‘Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Times’! Catering for people of all ages and tastes in Hartlepool and the wider Teesside area, it has seen amazing popularity for its breakfast range, and recent reviews claim it has the ‘best burgers in town’. In light of its extraordinary success within this year’s Northern Enterprise Awards, we got in touch with co-founder and owner, Owen Twidale to learn more about this outstanding familyowned business. Using only the best quality ingredients and providing best in class customer service, the minimum standard for Twiddy’s Grub House is excellence. Co-founder Owen Twidale saw a gap in the market when he launched Twiddy’s Grub House last year, as the vast majority of food outlets in the town only provided the cheapest products in order to keep their prices low. Owen says, “We believe we have broke the cycle of constantly lowering prices with the belief that local townspeople are wanting to pay a little bit more for much better quality than had previously been offered.” Indeed, Twiddy’s Grub House sources the best ingredients – with its loose leaf tea from Sri Lanka, coffee from Italy, and only using real chocolate shavings in its hot chocolate. This has been replicated in its lager, real ale, and cocktail selection. And it does not believe in smash burgers where the taste is minimal and an excuse for poor trims of beef. Twiddy’s Grub House uses 8oz prime steak burgers that are juicy and succulent. Its ingredients are always fresh and it brings new and exciting flavours that others cannot provide. Owen gives us an insight into the business: “As a family business, we have different personalities and traits whilst probably sharing some of our worst… but we work fantastically as a team, playing to each other’s strengths. We may not see eye to eye on everything but this only helps to push in the right direction and make better strategic decisions.” He goes on to say, “We are actually recruiting for another apprentice right now to join our chefs in the kitchen. We look for passion – this cannot be taught or bought, so is a must from the start. Recruits need to be comfortable in a family business environment – and all the challenges that come with this! We like to have fun, laugh and joke… a bit too much… So please don’t tell HR!” There’s no denying the way the restaurant has defied the odds, though – from family squabbles and cost of living and energy crises, to surviving COVID-19 and multiple lockdowns, with people continuing to be nervous about leaving the house. Owen tells us, “We are seeing less people out and about, and spending less when they do visit. Hospitality is taking a hit at the moment and we continue to evaluate the ways in which we can provide additional offerings to the local community to combat this. Convenience still remains key post-pandemic, with delivery services continuing to take priority for many in the local area.” He adds, “These issues continue to take their toll on our business and our local community. We have refused to increase prices whilst still offering the same high quality food and drink. Whilst this has been a hit to us, we feel it is the right thing to do.” However, despite it all, the North of England is experiencing a resurgence in hospitality. Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, and Stockton are all seeing vast developments and changes to their high streets, moving more to leisure and hospitality to support local retail operations. This can only be a positive move as there are more new, exciting and unique businesses (like Twiddy’s Grub House!) popping up. Now, the future is looking very bright for the restaurant, with the team being excited about what’s to come. Owen shares, “Our cocktails have been immensely popular with customers, so we are expanding our drinks range. Coupled with events and fantastic deals coming very soon. Keep a watch on our socials! “Our menu update is also coming, with more tasty burger and taco creations – as well as some British street food staples being added – launching in January 2023!” Company: Twiddy’s Grub House Contact: Owen Twidale Email: Website: Food Hospitality Business of the Year 2022 - County Durham & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Twiddy’s Grub House