Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 56 Oct22368 Media Production Social Enterprise of the Year 2022 Since launching in 2011, Kirklees Local Television (KLTV) has produced over 3,000 videos, thousands of blogs, and it has worked with communities up and down the country, including 500 volunteers – and it doesn’t see itself slowing down any time soon. We got in touch with CEO, Milton Brown to learn more about the company and its mission to deliver transformational leadership and development. Kirklees Local Television is a social enterprise based in the heart of the Huddersfield community that works with where people are, not where they think they should be. Most interestingly, it works with sole traders, the voluntary sector, the community sector, and the private sector. From grassroots organisations to the civil service, KLTV works with all kinds of groups, without ever losing sight of its core values and principles as a social enterprise. It is totally committed to its local diverse communities. Milton Brown tells us, “I think the industry has shown over the last year that it is far from static. There’s always some new type of digital media production software coming out or something that will enhance your marketing and strategy capabilities. “The COVID-19 pandemic really highlighted the need for enhanced digital communication, and we saw that through the proliferation of apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack. Usage of this software, alongside the overall increase in media consumption online, has ushered the beginning of a new digital revolution for the industry.” Particularly in the north of England, Milton has observed that certain socio-economic communities suffer from poor digital literacy skills and don’t have access to the same resources offered in wealthier areas. He explains, “Digital exclusion denies a lot of people in local communities an authentic voice in the digital age, especially now that mainstream news has gotten more regional and has more influence in how these communities are perceived.” Through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, KLTV is certainly looking at investing in this area by creating a digital pipeline where people can develop their skills, enhance voluntary sector services, and gain access to funding to work with their local community or local authority. All of this will be done with the goal of bridging the gap of digital exclusion. However, the company finds that being based in the north has its benefits, including low startup costs and the cost of renting premises being almost 50% cheaper than down south. KLTV also finds the north to be rich and diverse in its culture, with Milton commenting, “There is an acculturation of diverse groups always cocreating and co-producing with each other and then something magical and beautiful emerges from those relationships. In our industry specifically, it gives us the opportunity to capture people, places, history, and culture on a daily basis. There is always something taking place for us to capture.” Thus, KLTV is the perfect place for creatives to thrive, whether they are interested in directing, scripting, journalism, editing, videography, studio work, or floor managing. KLTV is a transformational place to work, and that allows it to develop people based on their interests and what they are passionate about. Milton says, “Wherever they come into our organisation and whatever skills they have, there is a place for them here. Our leadership style is transformational, and for us, it’s about developing the present and next generation of talent, who can then go out and positively contribute to the community and develop themselves personally and professionally.” The company is now taking a moment to bask in its awards success with Milton sharing, “I think this award really validates the hard work of everyone who has contributed to KLTV over the last 11 years. We started with five people, two cameras, and a Mac. Now we’ve gone on to win this prestigious award and I’d just like to thank everybody right from the conception of setting up this successful online digital TV station.” Looking ahead, KLTV is planning to further develop its website to encompass people, places, and culture. Therefore, it is going to move towards the creation of a digital hub in one of its most socio-economically challenged communities, with the purpose of highlighting their work, creating history, and celebrating their cultural diversity. Milton says, “We want to open up more opportunities for people within these communities that are socially and economically challenged to have more of an opportunity to develop their digital skills and become creative entrepreneurs.” It is also looking at strengthening its training programmes, having delivered an introduction to media studies to several young people and adults who have come through the organisation. Milton comments, “We want to continue inspiring the present and future generations. We do need some upgrades in our digital hardware to connect the communities around Kirklees. We have 23 wards, 69 members, and it is our ambition to connect the whole borough over the next five to ten years.” Company: Kirklees Local Television Contact: Mr Milton Brown Email: Website: