Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

55 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Most Innovative Boutique Digital Marketing Agency - Yorkshire Founded in 2020 by uncle-andnephew team Robin Hetherington and Sam Raife, Brand Ambition offers its customers a range of marketing packages to help them stand out in the marketplace. The team offer a complete package of marketing solutions, not limited purely to branding and design, but following through to lead generation and content creation. Since opening their doors, the team have supported clients from start-ups to century-old organisations. Some are run by individuals, others are social enterprises. They have supplied invaluable aid to every industry, including manufacturing, estate agencies, health-tech and logistics. What unites them all, however, is a focus on being socially conscious and ethically focused. This is key to the Brand Ambition team, with their stated core values of being both ‘People Before Profit’ and ‘Family First’. Consistent digital marketing is key to thriving in the 21st Century, but can be tricky to achieve for some companies. The team at Brand Ambition are able to offer a host of packages that suit every need and budget, with prices starting as low as £500. The aim is never to provide a cookie-cutter approach, but to understand the needs of the organisation and to ensure that their budget is spent as effectively as possible. With so many different avenues in the digital space, it really takes an expert to know how to target appropriately. One of the reasons that the team is able to target specific areas so efficiently is because the recruitment process looks closely at whether or not team members have developed a passion or business themselves. The Brand Ambition team is made up of people who write blogs and children’s books, who have amassed huge YouTube followings, or have owned small businesses themselves. These skills have proven invaluable to clients because they have first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by businesses. Being based in the North has provided an environment where businesses can always find someone who can offer advice or lend a hand. There is an incredibly extensive network of support for small businesses such as Northern Affinity and the Good Business Club. This brings small businesses together and allows them to create a community. The last three years have seen incredible organic growth for the team, and have allowed them to work on new technologies and services which could revolutionise the way in which many undertake digital marketing. One of the firm’s main focuses currently is Spark*, a package that will give businesses the opportunity for professional marketing support who may have not had access to traditional digital marketing agencies in the past. Aimed for future-forward brands, this strategy will streamline processes for businesses, allowing them to elevate their marketing and grow their audiences. The aim for the Brand Ambition team has always been to make a difference in the world, and through the specificity of the clients they turn to and the methods they use. For the team here, being costeffective doesn’t mean being cheap, but it does mean leveraging resources to the best of their ability. The fact that Brand Ambition can provide a full marketing solution as effectively as one which supports in-house team members showcases how adaptable the team are. We celebrate their tremendous achievement in theNorthern Enterprise Awards and look forward to how it drives the team to even giddier heights of success. Company: Brand Ambition Name: Sam Raife Email: Web Address: Standing out from the competition is getting tougher and tougher, and few understand the challenges better than the team behind Brand Ambition. In a rapidly changing world, Brand Ambition has proven to be one of the most motivated marketing businesses out there, focused on getting sustainable results from a host of different clients. We take a closer look to see how they do it!