Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

59 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Company Director; Company Foreman, James Mitchell; and those building the designs: Mark, Luke, Trev, Josh, Tony, Dave, Andy, and Josh. They strive to produce quality – to create projects that represent the ethos and attitude of Rossco Construction Services. Without these people, the company simply would not be able to exist, as they are at the forefront of the daily operations. Consequently, Rossco Construction Services wishes to thank the team for their hard work over the years. With their support, the company plans to continue growing, and it is currently putting Rossco Construction Services Ltd, a Yorkshire-based civil engineering company, has achieved a wealth of success through its devotion to customer service and sustainability. The company always gives back - demonstrated by its company mantra, to achieve perfection. Build once, build right: this is the mentality that guides the work of Rossco Construction Services Ltd, a Civil and Structural Engineering Contractor that specialises in the design and construction of complex infrastructure engineering. It firmly believes that if an extra metre of wall needs to be completed, for example, that it should stay behind to do so. This is an ideology that is central to Rossco Construction Services, and it is fed throughout the team, resulting in a company culture that exudes quality. Moreover, unlike its competitors, Rossco Construction Services designs and constructs inhouse. By doing so, the company is able to offer better value for money as it is always searching for ways to optimise and improve its final drawings. An excellent example of this is when it recently tendered a scheme that had already been designed; once the project was awarded to the company, it redesigned the structure and subsequently saved the client c. £100k. In addition, the ability to design projects allows Rossco Construction Services to undertake Emergency schemes, which without the ability to Design and Build would not be possible. This has been particularly beneficial over the past year, during which the industry has exploded, with the cost of materials increasing by 100% in some cases. Rossco Construction Services is monitoring this closely, and it believes that more work needs to be done in order to reduce costs throughout the sector on both local and national levels. Contrasting this, however, Rossco Construction Services has noticed that a lot of money has been invested into infrastructure works. Whilst HS2 has been cancelled within its region, local authorities are spending on corridor improvement schemes for both motorists and cyclists, providing huge benefits to the region and the company. Backing these developments is the Rossco Construction Services team: Gareth Davies, Most Trusted Civil Engineering Company - Yorkshire Oct22478 in the management procedures to allow it to increase turnover within the business and increase company growth. This is evident through the purchase of a new office facility and yard, which will allow for an increase in management staff. On top of this, Rossco Construction Services hopes to venture into the building industry, within which it will provide clients across West Yorkshire with bespoke commercial properties. Contact: Gareth Davies Company: Rossco Construction Services Ltd Web Address: