Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Nov22027 CBD oil is a natural and plant-based way to treat an abundance of illnesses or ailments. The Green Doctor, the UK’s leading CBD oil brand, is a specialist in this area and is host to a wealth of premium CBD products. Affordable, sustainable, and ethical, The Green Doctor is the go-to company for all things CBD. CBD oil has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a range of conditions. Commonly used to treat anxiety and pain, CBD oil has proven its effects against seizures, inflammation, and sleeplessness, with potential discoveries around the corner. Indeed, CBD Oil is non-addictive and does not produce the same psychoactive results as THC, which means that it is safe and suitable in the treatment of patients of all ages. Finding a trustworthy provider, however, is more challenging – but with The Green Doctor, you can be sure that you’re receiving a premium product from an ethical company. Established in 2018, The Green Doctor has become known as the UK’s leading provider of CBD oil, boasting a full spectrum of CBD products that contain over 113 cannabinoids. Moreover, the quality of its products are of the highest standards, and they abide with all relevant regulations. This is The Green Doctor’s main priority. It strives to provide its clients with an unbeatable service, and with products that will always have the customer returning for more. As such, the company offers CBD oil that is perfect for beginners, and it maintains 24-hour support for any questions or concerns. Whilst the quality of The Green Doctor’s products are certainly a defining factor, the company’s true uniqueness stems from its devotion to affordability and community. For example, The Green Doctor offers a buy three get one free deal, which saves customers up to £43.99 per bundle deal – an impressive discount, especially during the rising cost of living crisis. People want exceptional quality without the hefty price tag; The Green Doctor truly understands this, and therefore the company draws in and retains customers from its competitors’ audiences. Additionally, The Green Doctor focuses on being as ethical as possible, as in it is environmentally friendly, provides natural products, and is staunchly against animal testing. This ties into the company’s desire to provide the best possible service, as quality and ethics are intrinsically linked, and subsequently, are infused throughout the business. The Green Doctor is on a mission to better the industry, people’s health, and the environment through its diverse product range, which contains edibles, oils, creams, and more. Over the next year, The Green Doctor plans to continuously expand its stock, and it is expected that the company will shift further into making its supplements more generalised and not just CBD-based. With the prospect of cannabis being legalised within the next few years, The Green Doctor is already planning for and expects to have a broad range of medicinal and recreational cannabis products available. The future looks bright for The Green Doctor. Contact: Christine Wilson Company: The Green Doctor NI LTD Web Address: Best Nationwide CBD Oil Brand 2022