Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

64 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 With consumers becoming more financially and environmentally conscious during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant boom in the refurbished technology market. This is set to continue, with market research estimating a global growth in refurbished technology of 13.69% by 2026. Situated in the heart of one of the largest industrial estates in Cheshire – but operating across the UK and mainland Europe – Mobile Reborn is a rapidly growing market leader in refurbished technology, specialising in Apple and Samsung devices. Established in 2017, with a team that boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the technology industry, few players are as dedicated as Mobile Reborn. Millions of devices are sent to landfills that could easily be responsibly recycled or given a new life by being refurbished. Hence, Mobile Reborn exists to prove just that. Not only does the team adamantly believe that – to avoid the ever-growing e-waste problem the planet faces – even the smallest steps and initiatives go a long way; Mobile Reborn firmly stands by the idea that refurbished technology is the perfect solution for budget-conscious consumers who aren’t looking to skimp on quality. The team fully understands that, especially in the current climate, the financial burden of buying a brand-new phone can be significant. But all that this does is inspire an even greater passion for selling the best-refurbished products. So, as a brand, Mobile Reborn seeks to diminish the stigma ‘refurbished’ holds and champions consumer savviness to get the best quality technology for the best price. The team insists that ‘refurbished’ does not mean sacrificing quality, and Mobile Reborn prides themselves on ensuring everything in their library is of the highest quality. This includes the replacement parts and packaging they use and the devices it provides – all with as little impact on the environment as possible. Therefore, despite its solid commitment to protecting their customers’ wallets, Mobile Reborn finds itself in the refurbished technology market because of an equally powerful desire to protect the environment. Sustainability is often a key message for similar businesses in their sector. Still, Mobile Reborn tries to push themselves further by offering a recycling service and educational blog pieces about supporting the planet, and the team plants a tree for every device sold. The team’s extreme passion for keeping technology in circulation keeps things going for Oct22435 Most Sustainable Technology Refurbishment Business – Cheshire Mobile Reborn, which is why the business is a valuable service that delivers both commercial and sustainable benefits. The balance of these two elements is where Mobile Reborn finds its success, and it continues to invent new ways to allow consumers to purchase, repair, and sell their technology without detriment to the planet. For example, Mobile Reborn has partnered with development teams worldwide to deliver a unique version of this software to meet specific business needs. Mobile Reborn believes the care and consistency it takes to its operations is the key to their rapid success over the last five years – whether that be the high quality of the devices or parts they use, their exceptional level of customer service or their overall brand presence. They maintain over 80 checkpoints during device testing, and partners with multiple payment providers, such as Klarna, Clearpay, and DivideBuy, to allow customers to spread the cost of their tech. The business was born, and operates, from a simple core principle – every device should be available to meet anyone’s budget. As such, every element of their operation is kept simple, easy to understand and styled to ensure that people can get their hands on the latest technology without breaking the bank. Whether a consumer is looking for a pristine device that looks and feels brand new or something more budget-friendly, Mobile Reborn has the resources to provide whatever their customers need at the price they need too. Contact: Sophie Higgs Company: Mobile Reborn Ltd Web Address: Balancing a desire to provide customers with top-quality tech, at a rock-bottom price, and deep care for the environment, Mobile Reborn is a very different type of tech retailer. Specialising in selling Apple and Samsung products and providing tablets, phones, laptops, and many other tech accessories, they set the standard for the sale of premium refurbished technology. “ Our mission – to provide sustainable technology – has been a fantastic effort thus far, and for that to be acknowledged reinstates why Mobile Reborn does what it does. – Dylan Price. ”