Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

65 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 health or disability issues. I understand both the concerns of businesses and of the individual. Clients are encouraged and inspired by my example and advice.’ A current trend that Tudor Rose has observed is a rise in work-related stress and anxiety, which often has led to an increase in sickness absence. This, in combination with managing a disability or longterm health condition, remote working, or financial worries, can further the impact of such issues. In turn, Tudor Rose promotes creating psychologically safe environments – cultures in which everyone can thrive, and the company’s business needs are met. Additionally, Tudor Rose believes in flexibility, in making employees feel seen and supported, and Through her business Tudor Rose Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy (also known as Tudor Rose Services Ltd) Jane Dyer is striving to shape more inclusive healthy, high-performing onsite and hybrid work cultures for employees and workplaces alike. Bridging the gap between health and work, the unique consultancy is a hub for empowerment, inspiration, and positive energy. Join us as we learn more about Jane, her journey, and her brilliant company. It’s fair to say that Jane Dyer, the founder of Tudor Rose Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy, is an innovator – an inspiration. She brings a unique perspective to Tudor Rose, having spent over two decades working in education and training policy with providers, practitioners, and young people. However, the most impressive thing about Jane’s journey is that she has balanced her extensive career with parenting two, now grown-up, adopted children and health issues, having been born with Spina Bifida. Jane is therefore the perfect leader for Tudor Rose – she knows what it’s like to balance health and employment. Indeed, Tudor Rose is committed to bridging the gap between health and work. The consultancy specialises in the creation and delivery of bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Programmes for organisations, with the primary goal being to shape inclusive, healthy, high-performing onsite and hybrid work cultures. To guarantee efficacy, Tudor Rose works in close collaboration with its clients, producing strategies that are a perfect fit and that empower those with long-term health conditions or disabilities. Simply, Jane’s work is centred around helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. A 2011 survey found that almost one in five people in England and Wales had some form of disability – this is a significant portion of the population, and Jane hopes to encourage these individuals to exceed their expectations of themselves. Moreover, through her work, she wants to empower employers to have a ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to creating solutions for employees’ health situations. As Jane states: ‘Whatever barriers exist around health and disability; solutions can be found and are not as difficult as you might think. We can empower you and your employees. To showcase a ‘can do’ attitude. Many people have busy business and work lives, and on top of that, have to cope with Most Inspiring Workplace Wellbeing Advisor - 2022 Oct22460 in providing employees with greater autonomy as to how and when they work. In order to remain on top of these developments, Jane continues to look at ways to evolve Tudor Rose to better fit the needs of its clients, as the customers are always the number one priority. There are also plans in place that will elevate the consultancy’s social impact, building on its reputation as inclusive, workplace-wellbeing change agents. Contact: Jane Dyer Company: Tudor Rose Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy Web Address: