Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

The fitness industry is booming. As obesity is on the increase, so are the number of facilities seemingly offering the magic ‘fix’ to aid weight loss and help us to develop a healthy lifestyle. But they are not all that they seem explains Ian Glass, a professional in the industry who was recently recognised in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022. Founded in January 2001, Ian Glass Fitness is one of Hartlepool’s longest established fitness businesses, with a gym having existed on the site for more than 27 years in total. What started life as ‘just a gym’ has transformed over the years into a high-level coaching facility, offering personal training, bootcamps, and nutrition training, as well as the standard gym facilities. “The coaching business developed after my own battle through obesity over 20 years ago, losing over 115lbs,” Ian Glass, the firm’s founder and namesake explains. “We specialise in helping people lose weight and transform their lives. We have coached everybody from mums and dads to amateur and professional athletes including former Olympians.” Ian’s core values are very customer-focused, pledging 100% honesty with those that come looking for help. “You cannot help people if you are not honest with them,” he elaborates. “We are health first; nothing is more important than our health and we make sure we put everybody’s health first.” Ian is seeing a lot of smaller, independent gyms struggling in trying to compete with the larger commercial giants and he actively distinguishes himself from competitors in the industry by offering life experience. Due to having being able to transform his own life, physically and mentally, he is able to guide people more effectively than simply selling diets and workouts. “Over the last year or two, the fitness industry has reverted back to the same old strategy it’s always had, offering exercise as a fix to weight gain. But it’s not! There are more commercial gyms now than ever before and obesity is still growing as fast as ever! These large gyms know this and continue to push their ‘exercise is the answer’ model knowing that they are praying on people’s vulnerabilities.” As the facility is based on honesty and respecting each other as humans, Ian strives to seek out team members who share this ethos and his mantra that “skills can be taught, but honesty is where change happens”, ensuring that he gets the perfect fit for his company when undertaking new staff. Recently, for his hard work, dedication and honest approach, Ian was rewarded with recognition in SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards and given the prestigious title of Best Personal Fitness Venue 2022 - County Durham. This accolade is testament to his ability to assist people using his life experience. “We are immensely proud to have been able to help the people of Hartlepool and surrounding areas for the last 21 years,” he states. “We look forward to the next 21 years helping people be healthy and happy both physically and mentally!” As this year draws to a close, Ian is looking at ways to bring his style of coaching online in order to help more people, not just offering workouts and diet advice, but having people available to communicate on a personal basis. It appears that 2023 is going to be a very innovative year indeed! Contact: Ian Glass Company: Ian Glass Fitness Web Address: Ian Glass Fitness Best Personal Fitness Venue 2022 - County Durham