Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

70 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Formed with a core offering of providing access scaffolding to the residential market, Safeguard Scaffolding North West Ltd (Safeguard) has, over the years, expanded its services to include scaffolding for commercial and industrial clients too. Founded by Karl Melling more than 14 years ago, the dedicated team at Safeguard has extensive experience and knowledge of the industry which has enabled it to complete a wide variety of projects throughout the St Helens and northwest area. “A core commitment of Safeguard is to guarantee that all works are undertaken to the highest possible standards in respect to health, safety, and quality, ensuring all risks are minimised,” explains Karl. “All this, whilst maintaining a fantastic reputation with our clients, as evidenced by the significant percentage of return business we receive.” Karl is keen to focus on how the firm distinguishes itself from competitors in the same industry. The initial unique selling point is that Safeguard operates exactly as its name suggests - with an outstanding health and safety attitude, such as issuing double lanyards and safety helmets with chin straps to all operatives. These are not technically industry standard, but Karl insists they are ‘Safeguard Standard’ to ensure additional safety. Secondly, the firm is very cost effective. Whilst it may not be the cheapest, it will go the extra mile to provide a fantastic service, giving you more for your money, and finally it’s standards of quality are of the highest possible level, ensuring complete customer satisfaction each and every time. Recently, Safeguard gained recognition in SME News’ Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 for its commitment, dedication, and hard work, as well as its outstanding values and customer service. Karl and the team were rewarded with the prestigious title of Best Scaffold Erecting Service Provider in Merseyside. Understandably delighted by this accolade, Karl fills us in on his plans for the future of the company. “We are currently entering the National Access and Scaffolding Federation, which opens up a different client base to what we have at present, and allows us to compete with major construction Nov22195 Best Scaffold Erecting Service Provider - Merseyside companies,” he explains. “Looking into 2023, we are hoping to secure works for a major housebuilding company, with a range of sites from £115,000 to £3,000,000 in value, spread over a minimum of three years, which will be a very exciting project for us.” Contact: Karl Melling Company: Safeguard Scaffolding North West Limited Web Address: Specialists in scaffold erecting and dismantling for both the commercial and domestic markets, Safeguard Scaffolding North West Limited covers the entire northwest and can provide everything from small towers to full building coverage. We find out more from Owner and Director, Karl Melling following the firm’s extraordinary success within the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022.