Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 86 Nov22092 Scope Health UK provides innovative courses that bring medical/health education up to speed with the rapid digital transformation of the 21st century. It also strives to provide a digital platform for healthcare professionals that promotes training, education, networking, exhibition and conferencing with an emphasis on digitising healthcare education. Scope Health UK is a leading provider of educational courses on endoscopy/ gastroenterology education for nurses and medical practitioners. Since 2008, more than 2,500 nurses have been trained and many complimentary places were provided as education opportunities to underprivileged areas in regions such as Africa and the Middle East. At the heart of Scope Health UK’s mission is a commitment to promoting digital education in the field of healthcare. The company was originally founded with the goal of developing innovative and interactive courses for gastroenterology, endoscopic procedures and accessories. Following this, the Scope Health UK website was created, which serves as a unique platform for training, education, and networking for healthcare professionals across the globe. Scope Health UK has taken a holistic approach to education, incorporating various crucial elements of learning in a single platform. The website boasts of what the company calls a ‘Scope Circle’ which acts as an interactive tool for participants, speakers, and industry from around the globe where topics of gastroenterology and endoscopy are discussed. One of the features of the Scope Health UK website is the Scope Speaker’s Corner, which provides opportunities for speakers to network without limits. The platform allows speakers to connect with a global audience and offers virtual meeting spaces for education to flourish. In addition, the Scope Speaker’s Corner enhances speakers’ profiles through various channels, including social media. This provides an excellent opportunity for speakers to increase their visibility and boost their online presence. Another unique feature of the Scope Health UK website is the Scope Cloud Exhibition, which is specifically designed for healthcare industry and service providers in the health sector to showcase, display, and launch new products, services, and solutions. This virtual exhibition offers networking opportunities and allows to connect with relevant individuals and decision makers. The exhibition is available on the cloud 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere at time , providing companies with a steadfast presence and the ability to showcase their offerings to a global audience. In recognition of its commitment and hard work, Scope Health UK recently won the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 for Best Health Care Training & Education Courses Provider. The company shows no signs of slowing down, as it continues to innovate in the field of digital education and explore new methods of learning, including the use of social media. In the near future, there are plans to launch education apps, online education, e-Books, and other projects related to the future of education in the healthcare. Contact Company: SCOPE Health UK Web Address: Best Health Care Training & Education Courses Provider 2022