Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

90 | Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 Family Business of the Year 2022 - North East Established in 2017, Gavin J. Reynolds & Son Family Funeral Directors has become on the leading independent funeral directors in Sunderland and across the region. Despite it’s relatively young age, it is now a medium-sized company that specialises in affordable, compassionate products and services. Founder Gavin Reynolds was keen to create a business that avoided many of the pitfalls that companies in the industry fall into – namely, significant cost increases for a cookie-cutter service. As a family business, Gavin is only too aware of the importance of family, and it with that poignant perspective that he carries out his work. “Family is at the heart of what we do, and we treat the bereaved family and the deceased themselves as if they are a member of our own family. From the day we opened in 2017 our prices have never gone up. Third party fees have but we have so far managed to not pass this cost over to our clients. “Many, many funeral companies in and around Sunderland have sold up to the bigger chains such as Co-Op, Dignity and Funeral Partners. We are and will remain a family owned and run business, employing family orientated and focused individuals who share our values to deliver the high-quality service to the families we serve,” Gavin adds, commenting on a sad, but understandable, trend in the industry in recent decades. Much must be said of the spirit of Gavin J. Reynolds & Son Family Funeral Directors, putting aside the familial culture that defines its approach. Gavin takes a moment to emphasise the nature of being based in the north, and how that has changed how they conduct their services. “People of the north are unique in their approach to funerals. They’re so open minded and open to change. We are seeing a huge increase in Humanist services and a real “mixed bag” of funeral options. This generation is changing, and this is being reflected in the services we provide. We never say no, we say yes and then figure out a way to make things happen. Our approach in the North East is “The answers yes, now what’s the question.” In many ways, Gavin’s approach – and that of the greater team – have secured the company’s position in the market. Indeed, as Gavin moves on to conclude, they are currently in the process of expansion and undergoing further growth. “We are in the process of recruiting a new Funeral Director which is great as it means the work is steadily increasing year on year. A lot of the follow on funerals we conduct are based on recommendation, so this is something we aim to build on. We are also looking at extending one of our properties to aid with our expansion and we hope this is happening within the next 12 months too.” Family businesses are innately special entities. They are defined by compassion and passion. Driven by a central goal and vision to be better than their peers and competitors. That’s clear to see with Gavin J. Reynolds & Son Family Funeral Directors – and why it is so deserving of recognition within the awards programme. Company Name: Gavin J. Reynolds & Son Family Funeral Directors Contact: Gavin Reynolds Address: 78 Sea Road, Fulwell, Sunderland, SR6 9DB Website: Email: Telephone: 01915487000 Family businesses often seamlessly embody the values many non-family established businesses eventually hope to attain. Naturally, you have an in-built chemistry, easy communication, and aligned goals. As the Family Business of the Year for the North-East, Gavin J. Reynolds & Son Family Funeral Directors utilise these values to create truly people-centric funeral services. We take a closer look at the company to find out more. “ The people that work for us must already have a caring, empathetic nature, this is something you can’t train people to be - they have to already have that within them. This is what we look for in an individual, if I can see those qualities in someone then the rest can follow. ”