Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Formed in 2015, 3DGBIRE is the leading consultant in AdditiveManufacturing Technologies. Specialising in supporting businesses to adopt additive manufacturing, 3DGBIRE offers personalised consultations, applications development, training, technical support, alongside a print bureau service. On the back of its success in the Northern Enterprise Awards, SME News endeavoured to take a closer look at the company and its achievements. The 3D printing industry has boomed over the last five years, with developments and further innovation emerging at a breakneck pace, with many businesses struggling to keep pace. Still, it is also a relatively unknown industry, in that its applications - despite being numerous and ever-growing – remain almost exploratory. That’s the environment that 3DGBIRE established itself in, and continues to work hard to inform the market on the revolutionary capabilities of 3D printing. “We are experts in 3D printing. 3DGBIRE’s core mission is to provide premium service & training for additive manufacturing in the 3D printing industry. ” As it stands, 3DGBIRE’s core mission is to provide a premium service and training for additive manufacturing in the industry. “By offering our expert credited technical support, we will always make sure that all industries including Aerospace, Architecture, Engineering, Automotive, Product Design, Medical, Dental, Food & Beverage have the specific resources they need to unleash their creative potential alongside additive manufacturing to increase efficiencies in many different areas of their business,” said Director Paul Croft. 3DGBIRE fundamentally believes that the key to the successful adoption of 3D printing is dependent on the integration of machines, material selection, software, and workforce up-skilling. More than anything the company states a commitment to ‘360 degree service’, ensuring that all aspects of integration and training are considered. “The 360 consultation service supports each businesses unique needs in integrating 3D printing into their workflow with the goal of reducing production costs, supporting manufacturing, driving workforce innovation and reducing product lead times from the very first print,” Paul continues. By combining its foundational values of value centricity, reliability, and quality, 3DGBIRE looks to set the pace for an industry that is just getting started. By all regards, then, the future looks incredibly bright for 3DGBIRE as it looked to set the benchmark for excellence, serving its clients with best in class, defining training and consultancy across the aerospace, architecture, and engineering sectors, alongside many, many others. Company: 3DGBIRE Website: Address: Units 44 & 45, Chorley North Industrial Estate, Chorley, Lancashire PR6 7BX Email: Telephone: 01257 228411 Best Nationwide Additive Manufacturing Equipment Supplier 2022