Northern Enterprise Awards 2022

Northern Enterprise Awards 2022 | 92 Oct22158 J.O. Property Group Ltd has become a leading presence in the HMO property space. Based and operating in Liverpool, the company has developed a keen expertise and reputation for best-in-class services in this oftendemanding sector. Following its success in the awards, we spoke with Directors Joe Duggan and Olivia Maher to find out more. The property industry is a complicated, multifaceted goliath in UK business. In recent years, and by all observations, the future climate, the property market has shifted dramatically. It takes a special kind of expert hand to guide those looking to secure enduring success in such a market. J.O. Property Group Ltd (J.O. Property) has built a reputation on being able to navigate the sector, and more importantly, help others achieve success. Here, Joe takes a moment to explain J.O. Property’s services in more detail. “We offer a full management service for landlords who have HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) properties in Liverpool, whereby we take things from refurbishment right the way until the property is fully let, and we then manage it all on the back end. We also lease run down HMOs in Liverpool, and refurbish them to a top spec which enables us to raise the standards of shared accommodation in the city. “If a property is well maintained, and of a good standard we will often manage their property through our full management product, and for properties that need some work doing to bring them up to spec, we offer a fully hands-free service whereby we manage and cover the cost of the full refurbishment and guarantee the rent to the landlord long term whilst also covering the cost of all maintenance too.” “The goal for us is to raise the standard of the shared accommodation properties across the city for students and young professionals, and whilst doing so continue to deliver exceptional customer service to our customers.” Joe, Olivia and the greater team at J.O. Property understands that modern companies need a strong ethical centre. Client expectations have changed, and the property market relies on those that look towards betterment across the board. A focus on customer service remains utterly crucial, and Joe believes that it is this focus that has worked to differentiate the company from an incredibly competitive, and crowded, market. “What we offer in terms of customer service, I don’t believe can be matched. The care and attention that goes into every single tenant and property of ours is nothing that we have seen or experienced before with HMOs. For us, customer service is massively overlooked, especially in property, where there is such an imbalance of supply vs demand, meaning most of our competitors focus 100% of their energy on servicing the client, and not their customer. “I think this shown massively during lockdown when we first started the company and since then, we have managed to keep occupancy to 100% whilst the majority of HMO companies were operating at not much more than 50% occupancy.” “As we are very much tenant focused, we are looking for people who can make a tenant feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable, but people who also have the the ability, focus and drive to deliver for the clients.” When it comes to the future of J.O. Property Group, Joe takes a moment to emphasise how the company plans to grow further over the next twelve months and beyond. “We are looking to add another arm to our business whereby we will source, project manage a full refurbishment and fully manage the property on the backend to give our clients/investors a full 360-degree service. “At the same time, we want to continue to spread the message about how we are upgrading the shared accommodation sector in Liverpool, and service more and more clients before eventually taking the business to the next phase.” J.O. Property Group has certainly endeavoured to change the way that HMOs are managed, and it this foundational drive that has informed all other aspects of the business. As a client-focused company by every definition, it works as a crucial pacesetter in a climate that sorely needs one. Company: J.O. Property Group Ltd Contact: Joe Duggan & Olivia Maher Address: 25 Goodlass Road, Liverpool, L24 9HJ Website: Email: Telephone: 01513800324 Best HMO Property Management Company 2022 - Liverpool