Q1 2023

40 | Q1 2023 Jan23570 Tracking Triumph! Over the last ten years, the team at ABAX UK have prided themselves on finding solutions that their competitors can’t. With 117 businesses in their sector throughout the UK, they stand apart through identifying problems and pain points, and then solving them. As such, ABAX has become a name to remember in the Smart Mobility space, offering services such as Vehicle and Machinery tracking, Connected Leasing and Usage Based Insurances for Fleets and other solutions for Smart Mobility applications. Since opening their doors, the success of ABAX has come from an approach which doesn’t merely sell solutions, but which explores problems alongside customers. As such, the firm has been able to champion a consultative approach which has ensured the endurance of the business over a decade. With values that put enthusiasm, customer-centric ideas, innovation and sustainability at the heart of how they operate, it’s easy to see how this firm has grown to its current impressive heights of success. ABAX has always been on the forefront of developing new solutions for customers. By building a clear understanding of their needs, ABAX will identify new products and services that help to alleviate specific pain points, making them indispensable to their customers. The next twelve months look incredibly positive indeed, with ABAX expecting to offer more solutions throughout the year. The power of connected mobility data is often overlooked, and the team believe that even in the challenges of the current climate, businesses will be looking for ways in which they can make their operations ever more efficient. As such, the path for ABAX is one which will embrace the business value of this data and leverage it as far as possible. The growth of ABAX is a credit to the team, and the success of the business comes from the way in which customers are empowered to be more sustainable than ever before. Key to the team’s success is the fact that their solutions allow them to use assets as efficiently and responsibly as possible, increasing the lifetime significantly. Looking ahead, it’s clear that these are projects that will continue to allow the team to flourish. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: ABAX UK Ltd Name: Craig Allan Email: craig.allan@abax.co.uk The availability of data has opened the door to many new opportunities in the world of smart solutions. For the team at ABAX UK, it was the key to creating insights which have seen marked improvement in Vehicle Tracking, Plant Tracking and Tool Tracking. In the Business Elite Awards, the team at ABAX UK were named Best Vehicle Tracking Solutions Provider 2023 – UK. We dig a little deeper to uncover why.