Q2 2019

9 | Q2 2019 Royal Mail Group is a global organisation, operating in 44 countries around the world and delivering more than 1.3 billion parcels and 13 billion letters every year. In Europe, we operate through General Logistics Systems (GLS), one of the region’s largest parcel delivery networks. And further afield, we’ve established trusted partnerships with an array of local mail providers – from the USA to the UAE. This unrivalled global coverage means we can deliver your parcels pretty much anywhere in the world. Royal Mail also has the capability to deliver to more than 30 million addresses in the UK, six days a week, excluding UK public holiday). The company delivers a one-price- goes-anywhere service on a range of parcels and letters products. We pride ourselves on getting parcels to their destination on time, first time – so once your item enters our delivery network, you can be sure it’s in good hands. But just to give you added peace of mind, many of our delivery products offer end-to-end tracking so you can follow your parcel’s progress, and proof of delivery so you know it’s arrived. And in the unlikely event of loss, damage, or delay, many products are available with compensation too. These are some of the key reasons Royal Mail Group successfully supports more small and medium size businesses than any of its competitors; helping them deliver for their customers. Best Parcel Delivery Company 2019

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