Q2 2020

Q2 2020 | 11 Eat Out to Help Out! been trial and error to begin with, it has certainly been a positive experience as it has enabled businesses to continue running during the pandemic. Purple I has become core to helping Indian restaurants survive during the crisis and will play a fundamental role in supporting the growth of businesses throughout the UK. In many ways, the company’s home in London, gives it an almost unique perspective as it lies at the epicentre of the UK. Unparalleled in its diversity, business links, vibrancy and talent, the team find it a joy to be able to operate from the heart of the city with even the London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposing a moving to Purple I’s side of the city. The opportunities for business are clear, with the Purple I crew working tirelessly to ensure that it makes the best of the opportunities available in London and throughout the UK cities. This attitude also applies to the technical side of the business, and the team are always excited about the latest developments and possibilities. Currently, they have begun to broaden their horizons, looking into software for an entirely different sort of event. When large scale events like Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Weddings do begin to start up again, there will be increasing levels of complexity regards physical and virtual attendance and how an event can provide a holistic platform. Purple I will be front and centre to equip the market with a Guest Management System that will simplify proceedings on these occasions as well as offer technological solutions to events. For those who have used the services of Purple I, it is clear that this company is an exceptional Company: Purple I Technologies | 0845 388 1971 Contact: Md Abdul Haque Web: www.purplei.co.uk | www.dinenet.co.uk | www.cateringcircle.co.uk provider of business solutions. For small and medium businesses, it is a godsend, allowing them the chance to work at the same level as larger corporations. Lockdown has forced the catering industry to guard against risks but the industry has also identified many opportunities, confident in the knowledge that everyone loves a good curry and is reliant on technology. Committed not only to excellent service, but evolving service, clients can rest easy in the knowledge that Purple I will always stay on top. “Purple I has become crucial in helping Indian restaurants survive and will play a critical role in finding solutions during the crisis.” Abdul Haque, MD of Purple I Technologies speaks at the Catering Circle Conference 2019