Q2 2020

12 | Q2 2020 The world of modelling has recently become infamous as an industry which has poor health and wellbeing, with unrealistic standards being the order of the day. Taking an approach that put health and wellbeing as a priority, Leni’s Model Management has made an incredible impact on the industry at large. Named in SME’s Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 as Modelling Agency of the Year 2019, we looked a little closer to find out more. Founded in July 2009, Leni’s has made waves in the industry, with the dynamic direction of Founder and CEO Eleni Renton carving a unique path for the business. Based in Farringdon, London, this international agency has amassed an enviable collection of models and influencers that can be perfectly matched to the needs of any brand or client. The beating heart of the company’s vision is a commitment to good health and wellbeing. Long-term, personal relationships are developed with all clients, with guidance given on how best to live a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy body image. In the competitive world of modelling, the latter can be a challenge to overcome. A supportive community culture has allowed some incredible talent to be nurtured, allowing room for an amazing diversity of global organisations. More than three hundred models are on hand, with the experience of representing brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Misspap, Missguided and Studio Retail. Leni’s has been recognised for its ability to find and grow emerging talent in the UK market, and the team have become adept at ensuring that first class service is guaranteed for any client. A strong team of professional model bookers allow the right ‘look’ to be easily established, with this success being shown through the strong connections the agency has developed with the best of British brands. Leni’s often collaborates with some of the UK’s biggest advertising campaigns, providing models for commercials, catalogue, e-commerce and editorials. Perhaps the highlight of any model’s work is being booked for a London Fashion Week show. While model work is important to Leni’s, it is not the only way in which they can provide benefits to business. The company also represents the modern world of influencers, giving advice and guidance to those talented content creators Marvellous Model Management Dec19279 who names hold sway across the fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle sectors. Matching the right influencer to the right product can make an enormous difference to a business, and Leni’s is ideally equipped to ensure that all manner of collaborations can be accommodated. Whether a one-off post or taking the role as a brand ambassador, these people have the potential to be an amazing force that can make or break a new product. Having built a strong community, the future seems bright for Leni’s, and the team are looking for new ways in which they can expand over the next year and beyond. The focus for this year is on “Leni’s Learning”, which will take the form of a series of education workshops and an academy. Having gained an enviable amount of knowledge on how to work within the industry, this is Eleni’s way of sharing what she has learned with others. Echoing the very core of the business as it stands, these workshops will focus on how to put the minds of bodies of people first in an industry that is not naturally supportive of this approach. They will also cover the ways in which agencies can guide people through the areas of fitness, nutrition, healthy living and finance in order to best achieve long term success for all parties. It goes without saying that the team behind Leni’s have created something very special indeed, combining healthy bodies and good business sense. It’s an approach that makes sets this agency apart as a little different from the norm, but one that ensures its models have long and happy careers. Leni’s Agency pa@lenismodels.com www.lenisagency.com @lenisagency “Leni’s often collaborates with some of the UK’s biggest advertising campaigns, providing models for commercials, catalogue, e-commerce and editorials.”