Q2 2020

7 | Q2 2020 Feb20115 Best National Car Rental Service 2020 Renting a car for only £1 sounds too good to be true, and yet, that is exactly what the team at DriiveMe have achieved. Every day across Europe, thousands of vehicles are transported between some of the continent’s major cities. However, moving these vehicles can come at a cost that is sky high and uneconomic for many car rental companies, fleet managers, dealerships, and private individuals. DriiveMe is the perfect solution, as we find why it is an exceptional disruptor to the industry. Created eight years ago in 2012 by brothers Alexandre and Geoffroy Lambert, DriiveMe is an innovative and clever solution to an age-old problem for many vehicle owners. Every day, thousands of vehicles must be moved from one location to another, whether it be rental companies who want to balance their fleet, car dealers who need to deliver vehicles, or individuals who need their vehicle with them wherever they are. Usually, this is done by transporter trucks or professional drivers, both of which are costly methods. DriiveMe seeks to make a lasting change to this industry by allowing private individuals to move these vehicles at a fraction of the cost; one pound, in fact. People want to get to places just as much as those car rental companies and dealerships want their vehicles moving. So, DriiveMe marries the two, and presents a one-way rental solution like no other. A win-win solution for both private individual and vehicle owner, DriiveMe helps to reduce costs and offers a great deal on going places or moving to a new house. Currently available in France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, the innovative offering has more than one million members across all of Europe with approximately 45,000 routes on offer. The European expansion began with Spain and Portugal, and was spearheaded by younger brother Constantin Lambert. Today, the business is being developed and optimised for the United Kingdom market thanks to the hard work of cousin Trevor Lambert, further strengthening the success of this family story. Ever since the platform’s launch in France 2012, there has been on average 100% annual growth, a 97% satisfaction rate amongst customers, with more than 150,000 vehicles transferred thanks to DriiveMe and its one pound services. With more than five thousand vehicles transferred every month, and offices in Paris, Madrid, and London, this online logistics tool is an exceptional example of how to disrupt an industry in the right way. Saving vehicle owners more than seventy percent on average against conventional methods of vehicle transportation, DriiveMe is the perfect solution for both companies and travelling individuals. The drivers themselves are allowed a full twenty four hours of car rental, and fully comprehensive insurance cover during their time on the road for complete peace of mind. Thanks to the generous mileage allowance, individuals can make a detour or two and use these vehicles to travel about the country and explore. However, it isn’t just cars that DriiveMe offers. Vans can also be rented for just one pound, meaning house moves can be made easier and cheaper than ever before. Many of the major global car rental companies, such as Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, and Sixt, require vehicle movement services, and DriiveMe is the perfect partner to make it happen. At the start of the coronavirus crisis, the demand for car hire increased as travellers opted out of taking public transport, resulting in a surge in bookings. DriiveMe helped thousands of people in Europe travel home before the lockdown period, and predicts another spike in demand once it has been lifted as drivers will be seeking UK holiday and staycation options that avoid unnecessary overseas travel. Renting a vehicle for only one pound might have once seemed like a dream, but innovative and clever thinking from the Lambert family have made it more than just a possibility; it is now a reality. DriiveMe is an exceptional solution to a problem that plagues both vehicle owners and travellers alike, and a deserving winner in this years’ UK Transport Awards, courtesy of SME News. Company: DriiveMe Contact: Trevor Lambert Website: www.driiveme.co.uk “Renting a vehicle for only one pound might have once seemed like a dream, but innovative and clever thinking from the Lambert family have made it more than just a possibility; it is now a reality.” Geoffroy Lambert, Co-founder and CEO Trevor Lambert, Director Northern Europe Constantin Lambert, Director Southern Europe Alexandre Lambert, Co-founder and CTO