Q2 2020

8 | Q2 2020 Delivering Delightful Development Childcare is not an easy job, but a truly vital one. For many new parents in the world today, the need to get back to work in order to pay bills and keep food coming into the home is crucial, but leaving a child at a childcare centre can be hard. However, it can be made slightly easier knowing that the centre they are being left at is truly exceptional. That is why Pinocchio’s has been named as the Childcare Centre of the Year 2019 for Midlothian. Founded in January 1997, Pinocchio’s has been at the pinnacle of providing early years care and education to children aged between three months and twelve years for more than twenty two years. Spread across Edinburgh and Midlothian, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries is a group of five awardwinning children’s nurseries dedicated wholly to the proper running and supplying of quality childcare. Whilst the business currently operates across five purpose-built sites in Gilmerton, Heriot Watt, Lasswade, Penicuik, and Eskbank, it is the lattermost of them that has been recognised for its exceptional work as Childcare Centre of the Year 2019 for Midlothian in last years’ Scottish Enterprise Awards. Eskbank, the largest of the five nurseries, opened twenty years ago and is ideally situated to many great transport links, fantastic services, and other educational facilities. Kings Park Primary School is less than half a mile away, whilst the Eskbank campus of Edinburgh College is within walking distance. The train station is also not fair away, which serves the Borders rail link, and there are a myriad of buses that pass near to Pinocchio’s. Despite all these societal benefits, Pinocchio’s Eskbank nursey is actually situated in a quiet, residential location, complete with a large garden area, two large trees, a fantastic outdoors area, and simply perfect for any new parents who live locally and want a trusted nursery. Just one year after opening, Pinocchio’s then expanded the Eskbank site with four more purpose-built rooms, transforming the nursery into the fantastic centre for award-winning childcare excellence that it is today. Those behind this remarkable expansion and growth are co-founders and husband-and-wife team, Stratos and Lewissa Koulis. What started as an idea to create a nursery they would be happy for their own children to attend, quickly evolved into what has become one of the finest childcare centres not just in Midlothian, but across all of Scotland. That initial vision still resonates with the entire team at Pinocchio’s today, as they seeks to make each of the five nurseries an environment that is wholly focused on addressing the children’s social and emotional needs first and foremost. Making sure that the children are happy is crucial, but it is also vitally important that any childcare centre ensures that there is also space for them to develop. Each one of Pinocchio’s nurseries lives out this mission every single day, passionately believing that when children are happy, then the development and the progress will come; they will be ready to learn in all sorts of ways. Through stimulating child-centred play, the team provide a broad and balanced curriculum that encourage the progress and development of each individual child. Coupled with quality learning resources, the environment at Pinocchio’s at Eskbank, and across all of its nurseries, is one of education, learning, development, and above all, fun. Children are encouraged to be children, as they well should be. Having the space to be a child and have fun is such an important part of growing up, and the learning process. Pinocchio’s offers a wealth of varied, fun activities that are sure to both stimulate the child’s learning and allow them to have fun in their own way. From arts and crafts, to schematic play there is a veritable treasure trove of fun for the children at Pinocchio’s to have. Every activity serves a purpose in developing each child’s potential in various areas, whether it be outdoor play or technology time, or stories and singing. Each carefully designed activity encourages positive approaches to new experiences, developing concentration, problemsolving, and planning. These skills, though they may not realise it, are vital in developing a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem, and readying them for life outside of the playroom. Pinocchio’s is the perfect example of how to run a nursery; with complete child-centricity. Everything is focused around the child, and how to develop, encourage, and grow them in the best way possible. Across all five of the nurseries, and Eskbank in particular, Pinocchio’s has cultivated an environment in which children can be safe, and parents can put their full trust, and it is wholly deserving of this latest success. Contact: Katrina Weir Website: www.pinocchiosnursery.co.uk Oct19589