Q2 2021

30 | Q2 2021 May21691 Rewarding Loyalty What makes Prosper² Rewards so unique is that it is an innovative open-loop rewards programme that allows businesses to reward their most valuable customers with points, which can be redeemed directly to a multi-currency Prosper² Rewards Mastercard, allowing them to be spent wherever and on whatever they want. This generates brand loyalty and improved customer satisfaction. Prosper² has been recognised by SME News as the winner of the Best in Rewards Programmes for SMEs 2021 award – Join us as we explore how the company achieved this. Most loyalty programmes are closed-loop, meaning that the company treats their rewards points like store credits to its loyal customers, only allowing those points to be used in their own shops or websites. Prosper 2 Rewards does not restrict where its customers spend their earned points. Its unique pre-paid Mastercard rewards card allows redeemed points to be used anywhere, in any shop, for any company, that accept Mastercard for payment, giving business’ customers the freedom to use their points for anything they need or want. And as each Prosper 2 Point can be redeemed for £1, its easy for cardholders to enjoy their reward. Optimising loyalty from valuable customers should be a key strategic objective for all companies; Prosper 2 helps by monetising its rewards programme. This delivers greater customer value, enhanced engagement, and improved customer intelligence. Prosper 2 Rewards can be easily accessed through the Prosper 2 Business Club, a business members club exclusively available for SMEs, their directors and owners. The membership delivers unique business benefits designed to help businesses grow and promote their offering, connecting them with like-minded people and generate loyalty with clients and suppliers. Businesses who join Prosper 2 have access to a wealth of specialist services, and through Prosper 2 ’s own loyalty programme, are rewarded with exclusive membership benefits including Prosper 2 Rewards Points, all through a monthly subscription fee. Prosper2² offers a choice of membership levels to suit the client’s business which start at only £100! Prosper 2 is a community-driven business that supports the UK’s SME market and facilitates relationships between likeminded, hardworking business owners, to expand their network and collaborate with potential partners and clients. It is a club that embraces people from all walks of business life, with members ranging from solicitors to architects to physiotherapists. It wants its members to take an active role in building the community they want, so it has a range of options for people to refer friends for membership packages or recommend their customers to Prosper 2 ²services – all rewarded with Prosper 2 ²Points. Several multinational technology clients have in recent years incorporated the Prosper 2 ²reward system and approach into their marketing and rewards strategy with incredible but measurable returns on/in both ROI and engagement. A full range of white labelling options are available, allowing larger clients to have their own branded loyalty programme without the costs and difficulties associated with setting up a rewards programme from scratch. White labelling offers a cost effective, out of the box solution, which is flexible and adaptable to businesses aiming for improved customer loyalty and engagement. Prosper 2 can set up a business’ own branded card, cardholders, and computer systems or they can assist in the design of a card from scratch, ensuring it stands out in the market. Prosper 2 ’s core values are authenticity, practicality, creativity, and community. It is true to its own personality, values, and spirit. It strives to provide services and benefits that are genuinely useful for members and clients, to improve their lifestyle, grow their business, and foster relationships with other entrepreneurs. Company: Prosper 2 ²Rewards Contact: Anthony Brand Website: www.prosper2.co.uk