Q2 2021

40 | Q2 2021 Mar21433 Reliable, Friendly, Current Accounting Connections Ltd is a firm of chartered certified accountants, serving the small business population of Medway and Kent. With a combined 25 years of experience, its main business goal is to help as many small business owners as possible. Crowned Best Accounting firm 2021 – Kent in this issue of SME News, we take a closer look to see how the firm earned this title. The business was started with the aim of providing small business owners with affordable, reliable, high quality advice on their accounting and taxation affairs. It genuinely wants to see all its small business owner clients achieve both their business and personal goals. Clients of Accounting Connections become part of the family, and the firm does all it can to protect its family. The small business population of Medway and Kent is generally made up of sole traders and small limited companies. Accounting Connections prides itself on being friendly, reliable and current. Friendly to the extent that its clients find its staff relatable and approachable enough to pick up the phone without worrying that they are going to get a huge bill for their time. Reliable as much as when they say they will do something then they will do it. The word current represents their knowledge of the everchanging tax system. They keep their own and clients’ knowledge as current as possible, which means clients can take advantage of any new tax saving opportunities hitting the market. Its staff are the very essence of the business and are essential to its ongoing success. They are all very clear on what their roles are within the business, and how all of their roles integrate with each other to service the firm’s main purpose of helping small business owners. Accounting Connections’ three main goals of being friendly, reliable and current flow strong in its everyday activities, which keeps the team strong and focused. It is a family, and when a client becomes part of the family it does everything it can to help push them towards their business goals, whilst protecting their financial interests. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant impact on the firm’s workload, especially in the beginning. Small businesses were hit hard by uncertainty, new restrictions and forced closures. In the midst of the panic and unknown, Accounting Connections’ clients turned to the firm for guidance and support (and sometimes just for a reassuring chat on the phone). Managing Director, Natalie Pieri FCCA felt it was her duty to them, and the wider business community, to ensure that they were kept up to date with everything pandemic-related that impacted their abilities to run their businesses. With this in mind, she started sending daily emails out to people following the Downing Street daily announcements, to let them know exactly what that day’s announcement meant to them in real terms. Those emails were received with a great amount of thanks and relief that someone was looking out for them. The end result was that a lot clients shared the information with fellow business owners who have in turn switched to Accounting Connections’ services. Natalie is extremely passionate about her profession, but also education. Accounting Connections has recently launched its YouTube channel, and it will be using this platform going forward to share tax- and accounting-related education to the masses. If it helps make something clearer to just one person, then Natalie will feel that she has done her job. The end result was that a lot clients shared the information with fellow business owners who have in turn switched to Accounting Connections’ services. Company: Accounting Connections Ltd Contact: Natalie Pieri FCCA