Q2 2022

37 | Q2 2022 Feb22607 Wheels Of Fortune! When it comes to transport, we depend on wheels to keep us rolling. For the team at Prestige Wheels, the work they do is of the highest calibre, designed to make sure your ride is as safe as it deserves to be. In SME News’ UK Transport Awards 2022, the team were proud to be recognised as Most Trusted Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Specialists - Greater Manchester. We dig a little deeper to uncover some of the reasons behind their enviable success. What does it mean to keep your wheels in tiptop condition? To the team at Prestige Wheels, it means knowing that your wheels not only look good, but operate to exceptionally high standards. It also means making the process as straightforward as possible to ensure minimal interference. The team at Prestige Wheels have thrived by making the effort on behalf of their customers. From their base in Stockport, the team at Prestige Wheels have been able to thrive, but their most recent success has come from operating their most common services remotely. The team’s vans are fully equipped and goes directly to their clients. The team have proven capable of carrying out their impressive mobile cosmetic repair and refurbishment services wherever is most convenient to their clients. This work can usually be carried out within a day, but if further investigation reveals more serious troubles, the team transport the vehicle back to one of their main wheel refurbishment centres. The speed of this work, and the awareness of how best to tackle the various problems that might arise is why people turn to these stunning specialists. An experienced eye can avoid a wealth of problems in the long run. The importance of what the team do cannot be overstated and whilst it can be easy to put things like alloy repairs off, it is a level of damage that can be deceptively bad. Even the most careful of car owners can run into trouble. The repairs offered by Prestige Wheels go beyond cosmetic alternation. They take the wheel as it is and make it better than new. Even if it might appear as though the alloy needs to be replaced, the team know precisely what needs to be done to put things right. The refurbishments carried out by the team are as comprehensive as their clients wish them to be, but obviously larger changes demand more time. Services such as bespoke colour changes, corrosion correction and diamond turning are generally completed within the firm’s main centre. To ensure that any interference with day-to-day life is kept to the smallest possible amount, the team provide their own courtesy cars as well. Whilst based in Greater Manchester, the success of the business has allowed the team to reach out into many different areas. The specialist teams that make up the business cover Manchester, Liverpool and Stoke and their surrounding areas. With the geographic range of services always increasing, it’s clear that the team is in high demand indeed. Needless to say, the team’s success comes from their commitment to quality both in terms of product and in terms of service. People love what this team do because they go above and beyond. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they do next. Company: Prestige Wheels Name: Mark Greenwood Email: markgreenwood@prestigewheels.co.uk