Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

35 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20440 Rising Stars in Extended Stay Property Management 2020 Founded in 2017, Westciti Ltd is a successful operator of serviced apartments and aparthotels, otherwise known as extended stay properties. Co-founded by both Rishi Bansal and Andrew Copithorne Crainey, Westciti has since grown rapidly and today operates more and forty contemporary and modern short-term accommodation units located in Croydon, in the heart of South London. From Croydon, the plan is to expand services to eventually include the major cities of the United Kingdom, offering places that cater for long-stay corporate travellers and short-stay leisure seekers alike. The way that balances it out is that approximately 60% of those using the service throughout the year are those needing corporate occupancy, and approximately 40% are those seeking leisure occupancy at various times of the year. London is home to a great many attractions and tourist destinations, so having a stunning apartment or aparthotel is just what is needed for many people who come to see the sights. Many of the online reviews that Westciti has received highlight the centricity of Croydon, and many of the accommodation’s location in proximity to central London. The benefits also include a great deal of convenience in terms of parking facilities, helpful staff, good value for money, and clean accommodation. Since its inception, the business has been built on several core values, including honesty, integrity, helpfulness, happiness, positivity, and engagement. Westciti’s core purpose is to create a home from home experience in a setting with a contemporary and quality feel, and provide guests with the ultimate freedom to relax and Extended stay property management has become one of the biggest industries in the world, with platforms growing to include properties all over the country, and the wider world. Westciti Ltd is a successful operator of serviced apartments and aparthotels, more commonly known as extended stay properties. Established three years ago, the firm has since become a rising star in the world of extended stay property management. We find out more about the firm, following its success in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 in SME News Magazine. enjoy the services and facilities, beyond anything a hotel can offer. What differentiates Westciti however? What makes it truly stand out from the competition in the extended stay property market? At Westciti, the firm provides its clients with home- like accommodation coupled with all the basic amenities and great service, to offer clients genuine value for money as an alternative to expensive hotels. All the units are self-contained and so the guest, whether they be looking to live, work, sleep, or entertain, can take full advantage of the caring touch that Westciti deliver at every turn. Every guest can receive personal attention, high quality services, and the highest standard of living experience. However, much like many other industries, hospitality was hit hard by COVID-19. Westciti was amongst a select few hotels and property-based business that was able to stay open during COVID-19. As the lockdown hit a great many hotels and more during the Spring months, Westciti began identifying a need to change its system. Therefore, it implemented new technologies though which guests are able to completely check in by themselves. However, then came the real kicker for Westciti. It soon realised that using these technologies meant it was not only able to grow sales, but also to reduce a lot of overheads. Armed with this new system of operation and technological advancement, Westciti will be able to take over many distressed hotel premises’, and make them profitable once again. Looking ahead to the future is tough right now. At the time of writing, the United Kingdom is set to enter its second national lockdown in 2020. However, that has not stopped Westciti from planning exciting things for 2021 and beyond. The firm is set to introduce the flagship Fenwick Building in Leicester into its portfolio in October of next year, and this is a site which include 121 aparthotel accommodation units alongside three restaurants, a rooftop bar, gym space, and co-working space. Together, this building will offer a unique lifestyle and boutique experience that is unlike anything else Leicester has to offer. Ultimately, Westciti is a truly exceptional firm, finding new ways to stand out in a market that has seen its fair share of struggle in 2020. Yet, the excellence keeps on coming, and the firm should absolutely be commended for it. Company: Westciti Limited Contact: Rishi Bansal Website: