Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

42 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Aug20431 At a time when many businesses have struggled to overcome the challenges and barriers posed by COVID-19 and the lockdown it forced upon the British public, The VA Team stands as a bastion of hope and security for them. The VA Team exists to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed by boosting businesses’ bottom lines and enabling them to reclaim their time so they can focus on doing what they do best. We find out more about the firm following its success in the Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 from SME News. Much like a superhero, of which there are plenty in 2020, every business needs a dependable sidekick or ally to ensure that they stay focused on their customers. For small and medium-sized businesses in the South of England today, The VA Team is that sidekick. Able to handle any task thrown at them, the staff of The VA Team are more than willing to take on the menial tasks that free up time for businesses to do what they were born to do. Essentially, The VA Team is a group of experienced and professional experts in various fields, from call answering, to full streamlining of business administration, to customer service, and well beyond into every other facet of administrative business. Virtual assistance firms have become more common than ever before, but The VA Team stands out for its incomparable integrity, resourcefulness, professionalism, and punctuality. This team is more than just honest; it upholds the highest ethical and moral standards. It holds itself accountable for doing an exceptional job, and it never breaks its promises to clients. Respectful of both its customers and colleagues, The VA Team is made up of solution-driven and can-do people, always searching for the right information and exploring the best ways to get the outcome that is needed. When Plan A isn’t possible, The VA Team specialises in finding new and alternative ways of achieving goals. From telephone manner, to physical appearance and demeanour in meetings, The VA Team is professional at all times. Crucially, they are also a stickler for being on time. Tasks are completed on time, and to the best possible standard. As far as virtual assistants, The VA Team are the perfect right- hand people, lightening the workload and making things easier for businesses. Best Virtual Assistance & Call Answering Services Provider - UK Unlike some virtual assistant services, The VA Team is a professional, office-based and United Kingdom based firm. No long-distance phone calls at odd hours of the day are required, keeping unnecessary disruptions to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, the firm ensures that its services are built around the client and their requirements. Through a collaboration programme, The VA Team can offer access to a range of highly qualified professionals to help clients do even more. It can also scale as a business changes, ensuring that it is there for the long haul, if needs be. COVID-19 has represented one of the biggest challenges for business in the modern world, but The VA Team has been on hand to help. Just because small business owners are out of the office does not mean that they have closed for business. The thought of COVID-19 is sending panic and stress to all small and medium-sized businesses. Companies such as The VA Team, offering virtual administration and reception services, are a huge benefit to businesses trying to run as normal. A keen trend that has become truly evident, is that more and more businesses are thinking about representing their business without actually being in an office. In that respect, having someone who can still work self-isolated and answer calls, transfer calls, and take notes without letting a caller know that they are not in an office is invaluable. The VA Team is a truly outstanding firm whose services have seen many businesses survive what would have been an even more difficult period without them. The ultimate vision is to be the number one virtual business in the United Kingdom. To be recognised as the authority on virtual support services whilst becoming even more well-respected for its virtual assistant and virtual reception business. The VA Team is truly outstanding, and deserves every success it achieves on its journey to becoming the best in the business. Contact: Kenneth Pote Website: The VA Team stands out for its incomparable integrity, resourcefulness, professionalism, and punctuality.