Southern Enterprise Awards 2020

45 | Southern Enterprise Awards 2020 Sep20908 Best SEO Agency 2020 Since inception, Q-Online have consistently provided excellent services, with proven achievements in all manner of marketing techniques. They have successfully used SEO to improve website traffic, used social media marketing to improve sales and develop fan bases, used LinkedIn to develop professional social circles, and email marketing to run campaigns that have led to fantastic sales. As an agency, Q-Online position themselves as a brand known for delivering high growth in sales to all clients. It is the core around which all of their campaigns revolve. Once follower count and engagement rates begin to grow, sales and customer loyalty come much more easily. When taking on a new client, the first task is to fully understand the product and company that they will be representing. The team spend a lot of time learning the business, their target audience, any current audience, and the expectations of the client. With a solid base of understanding, it is much more efficient and effective to begin to build an organic fanbase. The team of marketing specialists pride themselves on their imaginative, creative content. Their approach to campaigns makes them stand out in the very crowded virtual space. Q-Online was put together with a set of core values that the team have carried through to today. The company keeps themselves 100% transparent to their clients. It means that when you work with Q-Online, you know exactly who your audience is, the route that the agency took to acquire them and build their interest, and exactly which leads to target and when. In fact, Q-Online like to view themselves as their client’s own marketing team, and not as a separate agency. It helps to build the dependable relationship with the company. The transparency The winner of the Best SEO Agency 2020 award goes to the well-deserving Q-Online. They are a performance-based online marketing agency that focus on delivering high conversions in both the B2B and B2C sectors. We profiled the firm to find out more about their innovative ways and how the team to achieve excellence in all aspects of their work. and flow of information helps them to build their fantastic campaigns and leads to better conversion rates. Overall, it creates a very valuable service that can give a business the boost it needs to excel. Q-Online implemented a multi-stage, omnichannel social media strategy that greatly boosted the online presence of the new fragrance line. They aimed to make men feel connected with this ultimate icon in sports history. The team found memorable ways to demonstrate the brand values of Exclusive Scent (the company that created the fragrance) by telling a story. They created campaigns, regular social media posts and content that expressed the storyline and shed light on the different perfumes in the collection. Through the use of social media, they were able to unite Muhammad Ali fans and bring the fragrances to their attention. The company put greatly emphasised live-stream content during special events, such as when the Muhammad Ali Legacy of a Legend perfume participated in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the world’s biggest cosmetic and beauty trade show, in March of 2019. They coupled these with giveaways and tailor-made contests to drive engagement, get people sharing, and get people buying. Overall, the results were very impressive. Between November and March, the team increased Instagram followers for the line by six times and reaped a corresponding rise in sales. The young team have definitely impressed. Mark Taylor of Knauf Insulation said “We’ve worked with Q-Online for many years now and the service is excellent. Always ready to help and give great advice and support. And really friendly as well. Highly recommended!” The minds behind Q-Online’s success are relatively young, with a positive and welcoming culture. It is great to see a team of experts putting positive energy into their projects and creating amazing campaigns that make a difference to the success of their clients. In a time when a digital presence is the most important than it has ever been for companies, Q-Online is the agency you want on your side. Bringing the interview to a close, Qamar Rehman, Managing Director, signs off by highlights the extraordinary work and success the team have effortlessly achieved over the years. “Since 2011, Q-Online has proudly served leading brands successfully. I am so proud of my team and results we deliver to our clients. Where SEO is DNA of the business, we have highly experienced and creative teams within Social, Lead Gen, Web and other areas of online marketing. We are more like an extension of our clients’ in-house marketing team than just an agency. Contact: Qamar Rehman Company: Q-Online Web Address: Through the use of social media, they were able to unite Muhammad Ali fans and bring the fragrances to their attention.